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State Agency Records Officers

Department Division/Bureau Name Phone #
Agriculture All Peterson, Jo Ann 281-5681
Attorney General All Chiodo, Marilyn 281-5807
Auditor All Fish, Richard 281-6684
Auditor All Nielsen, Andrew  281-5515
Blind, Dept. for All Snethen, Bruce 281-1293
Civil Rights All Hayes, Tina 281-4465
Commerce Administration Saving & Loan  Fett, Shari 281-7405
Commerce Administration Alcoholic Beverages Deaton, Marty 281-7364
Commerce Banking Johnson, Kathy 281-4014
Commerce Credit Union Forney, James 281-6514
Commerce Insurance George, Karen 281-4033
Commerce Professional Licensing Young, Tish 281-4126
Commerce Professional Licensing Peters, Pat 281-7360
Commerce Professional Licensing Loving, Glenda 281-7362
Commerce Professional Licensing Thayer, Marie 281-5596
Commerce Utilities Vawter, Raymond  281-3772
Commerce Utilities Lewis, Shelley 281-6240
Commerce Utilities Lee, Barbara 281-6834
Commerce Utilities Smith, Tyan 281-5563
Corrections Parole Board Twedt, Jim 281-8072
Cultural Affairs All Peitzman, Mark 281-6078
Economic Dev. All Roberson, Terry 242-4891
Education All (except others listed) Lorenz, Jeff 281-3947
Education College Student Aid Irvin, Chuck 242-6701
Education Library Reid, Pam 281-5790
Education Iowa Public Television Phillips, Molly 242-3120
Education Vocational Rehabilitation Hyland, Keith  
Elder Affairs All Beane, Ron 281-4647
General Services Administration, Customer Service/Purchasing Ancell, Dave 281-8384
General Services Building Services Ryburn, Tim 281-3137
General Services Design & Construction Johnson, Tom 281-7260
General Services Fleet & Mail Schroeder, Dale 281-5121
General Services Printing & Records Management Bruce, Bill 281-5050
Governor's Alliance On Substance Abuse All Henningsen, Mardi 281-4508
Human Rights All Hidlebaugh, Ida 281-4204
Human Services All (except Eldora Training School) McLean, Kathleen 281-5341
Inspections & Appeals All Scott, Linda 281-3424
Judicial Court Administrator/Finance Sullivan, Peggy 281-5120
Judicial Supreme Court Clerk's Office Richardson, Keith 281-5911
Management All Roose, Linda 242-5192
Natural Resources All Adams, Sandra 281-8667
Personnel All (except IPERS) Hills,Mary Ann 281-6770
Personnel Iowa Public Employees Retirement  Dixon, Jenny 281-0054
Public Safety All Smith, Peggy 281-8038
Revenue & Finance Lottery King, Steve 281-7865
Work Force Development All Countryman, Robert 281-5397
Public Defense Emergency Management Gordon, Ellen 281-3231
Public Employment Relations Board All Bolte, Susan 281-4414
Public Employment Relations Board All Meiman, Sue 281-4045
Public Health All Coghlan, Larry 281-3583
Revenue & Finance All (except Lottery) Norton, Allen  
Secretary of State All Bertelli, Monty 281-7550
Treasurer All Sinclair, Karen 281-7677
Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board All Reier, Sandy 281-4411
General Assembly -Senate All Bristol, Lori 281-5308
Human Services ACF: Eldora State Training School Huston, Steven 858-5402
Veterans Affairs Commission All Templeton, Deanna Verwers 242-5331
Iowa Law Enforcement Acadamy All Sitterly, Roger 242-5472
Governor All Carol Duncan 281-6750
Transportation All Koehler, Martha ("Sam") 239-1492
Legislative Service Bureau LSB Library Douglas, Jonetta 281-3566
Civil Rights All Coverdale, Marcia 281-4427
Revenue & Finance Lottery Brickman, Kenneth 281-7870


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