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State Records Commission

State Records Commission
The State Records Commission is established in the Code of Iowa (Chapter 305) to provide economy and efficiency in the creation, organization, maintenance, use, preservation and disposition of records to assure that needless records will not be created or retained and to assure that valuable records will be preserved. 

Commission Responsibilities
The State Records Commission, through the State Archives and Records Program maintains the State of Iowa Records Management Manual which includes records series retention and disposition schedules that have been reviewed and adopted by the State Records Commission. These schedules direct state agencies in the maintenance and final disposition (permanent preservation in the State Archives or destruction) of records. Records of state agencies may not be destroyed unless prior approval of the commission is obtained of if a records retention schedule in the State Records Management Manual provides for destruction of the records in question. The State Records Commission is charged with adopting and disseminating standards for reproduction and retention of records. The State Records Commission is also charged with assisting training and instructing state agencies and their internal records management representatives in records management techniques.

Department of Cultural Affairs Responsibilities

  • Secretary to the Commission and maintain its records
  • Administer the State Archives of Iowa
  • Provide advice and services on the care and management of both historic and non-historic state government records and management
  • Administer the State Records Center
  • Provide training opportunities for agencies on records management issues

Agency Responsibilities
The head of each agency shall establish and maintain a program for the economical and efficient management of the records of the agency. The agency program shall provide for cooperation with the Commission's administrative support in applying standards, procedures and techniques to improve management of records, to promote the maintenance and security of records deemed appropriate for preservation and to facilitate the segregation and disposal of records of temporary value and to provide for compliance with the rules adopted by the Commission. Each agency is to appoint a records officer to coordinate application of the state's records program in the agency.

Commission Services
Records retention and disposition schedule development; State Records Center; State Archives; Training.

State Records Commission Members

SRC Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

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Current Records Retention Schedules

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