About the State Historical Society of Iowa

Main Offices

Location Phone Fax
Des Moines 515.281.5111 515.282.0502 or 515.242.6498
Iowa City 319.335.3916 319.335.3935


Name Position Phone Email
Mary Cownie Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs 515.281.8741 Mary.Cownie@iowa.gov
Chris Kramer Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs 515.281.3223 Chris.Kramer@iowa.gov
Lori Norem Accountant, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs 515.281.4657 Lori.Norem@iowa.gov
Dee Richards Accountant, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs 515.281.6345 Dee.Richards@iowa.gov

Public Relations

Name Position Phone Email
Tracy Arthur Marketing & Communications Manager 515.725.2920 Tracy.Arthur@iowa.gov
Jeff Morgan Public Information Officer, Media Relations 515.281.3858 Jeff.Morgan@iowa.gov
Abby Friedmeyer Graphic Designer & Website Coordinator 515.281.4011 Abby.Friedmeyer@iowa.gov

State Historical Society of Iowa

Name   Phone Email
Susan Kloewer Administrator, State Historical Society of Iowa 515.281.8749 Susan.Kloewer@iowa.gov
Lisa Kent Development Coordinator & Grant Writer 515.281.8352 Lisa.Kent@iowa.gov
Joan Kiernan Membership 515.281.8741 Joan.Kiernan@iowa.gov

State Historical Building

Name Position Phone Email
Peri Montufar Facility Rental & DCA Events Coordinator 515.281.3809 Peri.Montufar@iowa.gov
Vania Boland Events & Customer Service Coordinator 515.281.8823 Vania.Boland@iowa.gov

State Historical Museum of Iowa

Name Position Phone Email
Susan Kloewer Museum Director 515.281.8749 Susan.Kloewer@iowa.gov
Kay Coats Collections Coordinator 515.281.8295 Kay.Coats@iowa.gov
Katie Craven National History Day Coordinator 515.725.0506 Katie.Craven@iowa.gov
Jodi Evans Registrar 515.281.3295  Jodi.Evans@iowa.gov
Andrew Harrington Exhibits Manager 515.725.2921 Andrew.Harrington@iowa.gov
Leo Landis Museum Curator 515.281.4006 Leo.Landis@iowa.gov
Jessica Rundlett Special Projects and Outreach Coordinator 515.281.7471 Jessica.Rundlett@iowa.gov
Pete Sixbey Conservator 515.281.4648  Pete.Sixbey@iowa.gov

State Historical Library & Archives

Name Position Phone Email
Anthony Jahn State Archivist 515.281.4895 Anthony.Jahn@iowa.gov
Sharon Avery Archivist 515.281.6863 Sharon.Avery@iowa.gov
Mary Bennett Special Collections Coordinator 319.335.3938 Mary-Bennett@uiowa.edu
Marv Bergman Editor, Annals of Iowa 319.335.3931  Marvin-Bergman@uiowa.edu
Jeffrey Dawson Archivist 515.281.7801 Jeffrey.Dawson@iowa.gov
Bruce Kreuger Archives Technician 515.281.4192 Bruce.Kreuger@iowa.gov
Mary Messinger Warehouse Operations Worker 515.321.0372 Mary.Messinger@iowa.gov
Delpha Musgrave Preservation Specialist, Local Government Records/Newspapers 515.281.5655 Delpha.Musgrave@iowa.gov
Becki Plunkett Special Collections Archivist 515.281.8976 Becki.Plunkett@iowa.gov
Charles Scott Special Collections Technician 319.335.3916 Charles-Scott@uiowa.edu
Paula Smith Librarian (Iowa City) 319.335.1035  Paula-Smith@uiowa.edu
Shari Stelling Librarian (Des Moines) 515.281.5070 Shari.Stelling@iowa.gov

Library Locations

Name Position Phone Email
Des Moines Library Reference Questions (view email reference policy) 515.281.6200 dm.library@iowa.gov
Iowa City Library Reference Questions 319.335.3926 library-reference@uiowa.edu

State Historic Preservation Office

Name Position Phone Email
Steve King Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer 515.281.4013 Steve.King@iowa.gov
Berry Bennett Preservation Program Manager 515.281.8742 Berry.Bennett@iowa.gov
Ralph Christian Historian 515.281.8697  Ralph.Christian@iowa.gov
Beth Foster Hill National Register Coordinator 515.281.4137  Beth.Foster@iowa.gov
Kathy Gourley Archaeologist & Review and Compliance Coordinator 515.281.3989 Kathy.Gourley@iowa.gov
Dan Higginbottom Archaeologist 515.281.8744  Daniel.Higginbottom@iowa.gov
Don Hirt Geographic Information Services Specialist 515.281.7803  Don.Hirt@iowa.gov
Jennifer James Architectural Historian   Jennifer.James2@iowa.gov
Doug Jones Archaeologist 515.281.4358  Doug.Jones@iowa.gov
Paula Mohr CLG Program Coordinator & Architectural Historian 515.281.6826  Paula.Mohr@iowa.gov
Cheryl Peterson Technical Preservation Specialist 515.242.6152 Cheryl.Peterson@iowa.gov
Lori Unick Technical Preservation Specialist 515.281.4129 Lori.Unick@iowa.gov
Kristen Vander Molen HRDP, HSPG, Country Schools Grants 515.281.4228 Kristen.Vandermolen@iowa.gov

State Historic Sites

Name Position Phone Email
Jerome Thompson State Curator & Historic Sites Administrator 515.281.4221 Jerome.Thompson@iowa.gov

American Gothic House

Name Position Phone Email
Holly Berg Visitor Center Manager 641.652.3352 aghc@iowatelecom.net

Blood Run

Name Position Phone Email
Craig Van Otterloo Lyon County Conservation 712.472.2217 lyonccb@rconnet.com

Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop

Name Position Phone Email
Michelle Roseburrough Historical Society of Marshall County 641.752.6664 Marshallhistory@live.com

Plum Grove

Name Position Phone Email
Alexandra Drehman Plum Grove Manager 319.351.5738 johctyhistscty@yahoo.com

Western Historic Trails Center

Name Position Phone Email
Christopher Blue Museum Technician 712.366.4900 Christopher.Blue@iowa.gov
Teressa Sward Museum Technician 712.366.4900 Teressa.Sward@iowa.gov

Montauk Historic Site

Name Position Phone Email
Wade Schott Site Manager 563.423.7173  montauk@acegroup.cc

Abbie Gardner Cabin

Name Position Phone Email
Site Attendant Memorial Day - Labor Day 712.332.7248  
Jerome Thompson Off Season 515.281.4221 Jerome.Thompson@iowa.gov

Toolesboro Mounds

Name Position Phone Email
Katie Hammond Louisa County Conservation 319.523.8381 lccb@lccb.org
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