June 28, 2004


Draft Agenda

National Mississippi River Museum
Dubuque, Iowa
9:00 a.m.

I. Call to Order

A. Jerry Enzler to welcome the board
B. Roll Call
C. Housekeeping
D. Approve Agenda
E. Approve Minutes
F. Reports

  1. Chair's Report (Peggy Witworth)
  2. Director's Report (Anita Walker)
    a) Department Reorganization
    b) Chief Deputy Museum Officer
    c) Bureaucracy and Chaos
    d) Entrepreneurial Initiatives
    e) Governor's New Purchasing Results
    f) Cultural Districts/Values Fund
    g) Events
  3. Financial Report (Tab 2)
  4. Bureau Chief Reports (Tab 3)
  5. Legislative Report (Gordon Hendrickson, Tab 4)
  6. Iowa Historical Foundation Report (Margi Weiss, Tab 5)
  7. Iowa Cultural Coalition Report (Tab 6)

II. New Business

A. Confirm Election Results (Lisa Ossian)
B. New Appointments (if we have them)
C. HRDP grant panel recommendations
D. Date for Forum 2005
E. Annals, Iowa Heritage Illustrated, Historian
F. Membership Rates
G. Subscriptions

IIII. Comments for the Good of the Order

IV.  Lunch

V. Adjournment (1:00 PM)






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