Celebrate Community History during National Historic Preservation Week

For immediate release April 20, 2005



Contact: Jeff Morgan;Marketing/Public Relations; Iowa Historical Foundation, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, 515-281-3858

What: Celebrate Community History during National Historic Preservation Week

Time: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Date: Monday, May 9, 2005

Place: The State Historical Building Atrium & Iowa Museum Store, 600 E. Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50319

Cost: $15/RSVP Before April 29, 2005 at 515-281-8743

Celebrate Community History During Historic Preservation Week.
This day-long celebration and symposium of historic preservation topics will explore how to strengthen Iowa’s historic assets.

• Take a visual tour of Iowa's historic places listed on the National Register!

• Meet preservationists who earned the "Best of Preservation" awards and learn about their methods & techniques!

• Learn from the successes of others involved in preservation and take their lessons home to implement in your community!

• Learn how to protect & promote your community's historic resources, including archaeological sites, barns and cemeteries!

• Meet award-winning researchers & authors who focus on Iowa history!

• Learn about funding sources & incentives for preservation!

• After the numerous programs, lunch and workshops, take a walking tour of the "Vault," the State Historical Society's underground preservation center, as well as the Battle Flag Preservation Laboratory!

Programs and Awards!

"Celebrate Community History" kicks off Historic Preservation Week in Iowa. Started in 1995 with the ten year birthday of the Certified Local Government Program, this yearly event held during Historic Preservation Week recognizes:

• Iowa's varied and important historic properties with a visual review of the homes, farms, factories, churches and archaeological sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places during the previous year.

• Efforts of property owners to insure these properties are preserved through the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance's Best of Preservation Awards.

• Efforts of property owners to insure that these properties continue as vital parts of our community by identifying outstanding projects that used the federal and state tax credit programs.

• The authors of outstanding articles on Iowa history published in the Annals of Iowa.

• Community activists who have undertaken outstanding programs and projects in Iowa history through the Loren Horton and Harlan Petersen Awards.

• Those who have given outstanding service to Iowa students participating in the Iowa History Day program through the Kids Count Awards.


Participants can hone their historic preservation skills and knowledge through an array of workshops which focus on:

• The Care and Feeding of Your National Registered Property: Jack C. Porter, Preservation Consultant with the State Historical Society will present a PowerPoint presentation which will highlight various issues for preserving historic properties.

• Preservation and the Historic Tax Credit Program, Best of Preservation Awards: Jack C. Porter, Preservation Consultant with the State Historical Society will introduce seven success stories of recent projects which participated in the state and federal Historic Tax Credit Program.

• The Importance of Archaeological Sites and Cemeteries to the History of Your Community: Doug Jones, Archaeologist, Historic Preservation Office, will introduce you to Iowa's archaeology and cover nominating archaeological sites, including historic cemeteries, to the National Register of Historic Places

• How to Fund Historic Preservation and History Projects: An introduction to the REAP Historic Resource Development Grants, the Historic Site Preservation Grants, the Country School Grants, the REAP HRDP Emergency Grants, the Certified Local Government Grants, the Iowa Community Cultural Grants, and grants offered by the Iowa Arts Council with an emphasis on how these can be used to fund history and historic preservation projects. The coordinators of each program will present the information.

• How to Take Steps to Preserve Iowa's Barns: Rod Scott, SHSI Board of Trustees, will talk about his Barn Survey and how you can do this in your community.

• Great Places: Learn how to make your place a Great Place where people will want to live, play and work! Mary Sundet-Jones, from the Iowa Arts Council, will tell you about the "wow" initiative being spearheaded by the Department of Cultural Affairs. Great Places will focus financial & technical assistance from numerous state agencies into 3 places in order to strengthen the area's economic development, historic preservation and cultural assets. Learn how your community can get involved!


Participants can also get an intimate view of the State Historical Society's collections and work in conserving Iowa's historic objects through two walking tours:

· Vault and Preservation Center Tour

· Battle Flag Laboratory Tour


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