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History Through the Arts Program

Education through interactive arts and humanities

Since 2003, History Through The Arts, has provide fine arts programming for K-12 students addressing international, national, and Iowa history to K-12 themes. Students will experience a live performance of professional theatre and workshop options including music, dance, theatre, visual arts, writing, literature, history, archaeology, and other subjects. Museum staff and professional artists lead workshops with hands-on activities that connect students to the performance. History Through the Arts programs offer experiences that correlate with state and national standards.

The program is based on the concept that the arts bring historical subjects to life while addressing all learning styles and bridging generations. Join History Through The Arts as it continues to provide informative and memorable experiences for students across Iowa.

TEACHERS: Students arrive at the Museum at 9:45 a.m. and are dismissed at 1:30 p.m. All students and teachers need to bring sack lunches. No soda or gum, please. Attendance numbers can be changed up to six weeks prior to the performance. Invoices are sent to teachers to be forwarded to the district offices for payment. POs, checks, credit cards and cash are accepted.

Reserve seats by e-mail or phone 281-6860.

Transportation Funding

The Iowa Arts Council and History Through The Arts offer Big Yellow School Bus grants to help fund transportation. This grant provides $200 and is awarded on a first come, first fund basis. Only one grant per school building is awarded within a fiscal year.

Iowa Arts Council Big Yellow School Bus Grant

Iowa History Center

Contact Brian Browning for Information about funding a field trip to the museum for History Through the Arts progrmming:

Other funding options:

Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area

Target Field Trip Grants

Iowa Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom

Connecting Kids and Culture K-5 students in Dallas/Polk counties only.


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