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Beyond the Pages: Young Writers Workshop July 22-26, 2013

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is an Iowa history magazine for children, ages 8 to 13. Each issue focuses on a theme such as immigrants, diaries, home and family, Iowa’s young heroes and the Iowa State Fair. The issues include articles, games, photographs and fiction. Although The Goldfinch is no longer being published, the entire run of the magazine is now available online at Back issues of the magazine can be purchased by contacting the editor of Iowa Heritage Illustrated at (319) 335-3932. There are teacher guides available to some issues of The Goldfinch.

Prairie Voices: Iowa Heritage Curriculum

Prairie Voices"Prairie Voices: An Iowa Heritage Curriculum consists of two parts—a curriculum and a timeline. The curriculum has 52 model lesson plans in topical areas, including the land and built environment, native people, migration and interaction, organization and communities, work, and folk life. In addition, the curriculum includes an overview of Iowa history, ideas and examples for teaching local history, a list of resources, Iowa facts, timeline trivia, and additional classroom activities gleaned from several sources.

These lesson plans can be geared to any grade level. The curriculum is multidisciplinary so educators can incorporate state and local history into the study of other subject areas, including literature, math, science, social science, creative writing, art, music, and industrial arts. Prairie Voices encourages the use of local historical resources to tell the story of Iowa."

--From the Prairie Voices Curriculum Introduction

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Iowa Museum Association

The mission of the Iowa Museum Association is to provide quality training and development to Iowa museum professionals and volunteers, advocate for support of Iowa’s museums, and build a strong community of museums and museum supporters in Iowa.

Iowa’s museums include art centers and museums, botanical gardens, children's museums, historic sites, historical societies, living history sites, nature centers, natural history museums, planetariums, science and technology centers, and zoos.

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New Iowa Folklife Curriculum Available

iowa folklife 2 curriculumThe Iowa Arts Council is pleased to announce the debut of Iowa Folklife Volume II., which explores the traditional music, foods, dance, rituals and crafts of Iowa’s diverse cultures. This online resource includes content pages, photos, audio samples, suggested readings, lesson plans, and a variety of online resources for students (k-12) and educators. Use the whole curriculum or just one unit! Enhance your experience by inviting featured traditional artists or those from your community into your classroom. Consult the Folk & Traditional Artists link for each unit, the Iowa Folklife Roster, or Iowa Roots for artist contact information, and apply for an Iowa Arts Council grant for artist fees and other program expenses.

-- From the Iowa Folklife Curriculum

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Iowa Folklife Curriculum

Iowa Folklife"This learning guide is an attempt to extend the reach of the festivals and other materials to students—the next generation of Iowans. Young people need to know about and understand the cultural traditions that have been nurtured upon this soil by previous generations, and find their own connections to them. Teachers and elders can help students as the latter discover the vitality of the folklife around them, and figure out how to make it their own."

-- From the Iowa Folklife Curriculum

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Iowa Pathways

Iowa Pathways"Discover the people, places, events, and ideas of Iowa history. Create your own story of Iowa as you go to unexpected places and search the past and present. Travel down side trails and uncover artifacts as you explore your Iowa pathway."

-- From the Iowa Pathways Site

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