Allamakee County

Property Address City Date Listed
Allamakee County Courthouse 110 Allamakee Street Waukon 8/28/2003
Monsrud Bridge Swebakken Rd. over Paint Creek Waterville vicinity 6/25/98
Effigy Mounds National Monument 3 mi. N of Marquette on IA 76 Marquette 10/15/1966
Fish Farm Mound Group Address Restricted New Albin 07/25/1988
Hager Otto J. House 402 Allamakee Street Waukon 06/27/1985
Iron Post N end of Main Street New Albin 09/29/1976
Kerndt G. and Brothers Elevator and Warehouses No. 11 No.12 and No. 13 Front Street Lansing 10/18/1979
Kerndt G. & Brothers Office Block 4th and Main Sts. Lansing 11/10/1982
Lansing Fisheries Building Between Co. Hwy X-52 and the Mississippi River Lansing 12/23/1991
Lansing Stone School SW corner Center and 5th Sts. Lansing 12/18/1973
Old Allamakee County Courthouse 2nd Street Lansing 02/24/1983
Old East Paint Creek Lutheran Church N of Waterville on County A-52 Waterville 07/07/1983
Reburn Thomas Polygonal Barn Off IA 26 New Albin 06/30/1986
Red Bridge Fuel Hollow Rd. over Yellow River Postville vicinity 6/25/98
Slinde Mound Group Address Restricted Hanover 11/01/1989
Turner Hall 119 E., Greene Street Postville 12/11/2000
Upper Iowa River Bridge Mays Prairie Rd. over Upper Iowa River Dorchester vicinity 6/25/98