Clayton County

Property Address City Date Listed
Albertus Building 222 Park River Dr. Guttenberg 04/26/1979
American House 116 Main Street McGregor 8/30/2001
American School of Wild Life Protection Historic District McGregor Heights Rd. N of McGregor McGregor 12/23/1991
Bloedel, Christian, Wagon Works 524-526 Main St. McGregor 09/23/09
Carter House 101 High Street SE Elkader 11/07/1976
County Courthouse 111 High Street Elkader 10/08/1976
Clayton School 1st Street Clayton 07/30/1974
Davis Timothy House 405 1st Street NW Elkader 06/22/1976
Dry Run Bridge Town street over Dry Run Littleport 6/25/98
Eckert House 413 S. 1st Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Elkader Downtown Historic District Portions of 100 & 200 blocks of Main Street and side streets Elkader 03/13/2012
Elkader Keystone Bridge Bridge Street Elkader 11/07/1976
Elkader Opera House 207 N. Main Elkader 10/08/1976
First Congregational Church Washington Street Garnavillo 03/25/1977
Franklin Hotel 102 Elkader St. Strawberry Point 6/25/1999
Front Street (River Park Drive) Historic District River Park Dr. Between Lessing and Pearl Streets. Selected properties on South First, Prince, Goethe, Herder and Schiller Streets Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Boundary Increase 12/10/2004
Fuerste House 503 S. 1st Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Garnavillo Township Culvert County road over unnamed stream Garnavillo vicinity 6/25/1998
Garnavillo Township Bridge County road over unnamed stream Garnavillo vicinity 6/25/98
Goedert Meat Market 322 Main Street McGregor 10/18/1996
Guttenberg Corn Canning Co. 413 N. 3rd Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Guttenberg National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium Historic District 315 S. River Park Dr. Guttenberg 12/23/1991
Guttenberg State Bank 15 Goethe Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Historical and Arcitectural Resources of Guttenberg   Guttenberg 08/12/2004
I.O.O.F. Hall Centre Street Garnavillo 06/18/1979
Kolker House 110 Goethe Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Lakeside Ballroom 1202 N. 4th Street Guttenberg 2/5/2002
Mallory Township Bridge County road over unnamed stream Osterdock vicinity 6/25/98
Matt-Bahls House 615 S. 3rd Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
McClaine House 300 S. 1st Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
McGregor Commercial Historic District 100-300 blocks of Main Street,
100-200 blocks of A Street
McGregor 12/12/2002
Mederville Bridge County road over Volga River Mederville 6/25/98
Monona Township Culvert County road over unnamed stream Luana vicinity 6/25/1998
Moser Stone House 211 S. 1st Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Motor Townsite E of Elkader Elkader 08/02/1977
Nieland House 715 S. 1st Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Parker House 1015 S. 2nd Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Price Rialto House 206 Cedar Street NW Elkader 11/21/1976
Read Township Culvert Co. Rd. over unnamed stream Elkader vicinity 3/12/1999
Reynolds Joseph "Diamond Jo" Office Building and House A and Main Sts. McGregor 02/19/1982
Round Barn Millville Township US 52 Millville 06/30/1986
Schmidt House 101 Oak Street NW Elkader 03/25/1977
St. Joseph Church and Parish Hall 330 1st Street NW Elkader 11/21/1976
St. Mary's Catholic Church Historic District 502, 518, 520 South Second Street and 214 Herder Street Guttenberg 08/12/2004
St. Olaf Auditorium 118 S. Main Street St. Olaf 12/09/1994
St. Peters United Evangelical Lutheran Church U.S. 52 Ceres 12/12/1976
Stauer, Peter, House 629 Main Street McGregor 09/13/2003
Stemmer J. C. House 113 Oak NW Elkader 10/21/1976
Stone Barn 12 Goethe Street Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Turkey River State Preserve Archeological District Address Restricted Millville 05/30/1990
Valley Mills E of Garnavillo Garnavillo 12/12/1976
Weber House 822 S. River Park Dr. Guttenberg 09/24/1984
Wehmer House 910 S. River Park Dr. Guttenberg 09/24/1984