Des Moines County

Property Address City Date Listed
Baptist Church W of Sperry off U.S. 61 Sperry 04/18/1977
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Passenger Station 237 S. 4th Street Burlington 10/22/1976
Burlington Public Library 501 N. 4th Street Burlington 03/27/1975
Burlington Cedar Rapids &Northern Freight House Front and High Sts. Burlington 01/27/1983
Cascade Bridge S. Main Street over Cascade Ravine Burlington 6/25/98
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Station Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Station Burlington 2/5/2002
Church of St. John the Baptist 712 Division Street Burlington 02/26/1982
Crapo Park and Arboretum Historic District Bounded by Parkway Dr. Koestner Madison Rd. and the Mississippi River Burlington 06/03/1976
Darwin Mary House 537 Summer Street Burlington 01/24/1980
Des Moines County Courthouse 513 N. Main Street Burlington 8/28/2003
Dodge Augustus Caesar House 829 N. 5th Street Burlington 01/25/1980
First Congregational Church 313 N. 4th Street Burlington 11/21/1976
Flint River Bridge 155th Street over Flint River Burlington vicinity 6/25/98
Forney James M. House 401 Cedar Burlington 09/22/1986
German Methodist Episcopal Church 7th and Washington Sts. Burlington 09/22/1977
Hawkeye Creek Bridge Hawkeye Rd. over Hawkeye Creek Mediapolis vicinity 6/25/98
Hedge Block 401-407 Jefferson Street Burlington 10/07/1982
Heritage Hill Historic District Roughly bounded by Central Ave. High 3rd and Jefferson Sts. Burlington 12/21/1982
Hotel Burlington 206 N. Third Street Burlington 12/31/1987
Jagger-Churchill House 201 Spring Street Burlington 03/05/1982
Manufacturing and Wholesale Historic District Roughly 209 N. 3rd to 231 S. 3rd and 219 to 425 Valley Streets Burlington 6/12/2012
Melcher, Dennis Pottery and House 22981 and 22982 Agency Road Danville 8/28/2003
Schramm Building 212 Jefferson St. Burlington 3/12/99
Snake Alley N. 6th Street between Washington and Columbia Sts. Burlington 09/06/1974
Snake Alley Historic District Roughly bounded by Columbia and Washington Sts. Cobblestone Alley and Service Dr. Burlington 05/21/1975
Starker-Leopold Historic District 101 111 Clay and 110 Grand Sts. Burlington 02/02/1983
The Capitol Theater 211 N. Third Street Burlington 11/22/1996
West Jefferson Street Historic District Roughly the 400 to 800 blocks of W. Jefferson Street Burlington 04/09/1991