Dubuque County

Property Address City Date Listed
Allen House 515 1st Ave. W. Dyersville 07/10/1975
Andrew-Ryan House 1375 Locust Dubuque 04/11/1985
The Architectural and Historic Resources of Dubuque   Dubuque 08/12/2004
Basilica of St. Francis Xavier, Church and Rectory 114 2nd Street SW Dyersville 9/29/1999
Bishop's Block 90 W. Main Street Dubuque 05/19/1994
Carnegie-Stout Public Library 11th and Bluff Sts. Dubuque 08/01/1975
Cathedral Historic District Roughly bounded by a bluffline running W. of Bluff Street W. 7th Locust and Jones Sts. Dubuque 09/25/1985
Diamond Jo Boat Store and Office Jones and Water Sts. Dubuque 11/23/1977
Dubuque Casket Company 1798 Washington St. Dubuque 02/09/2006
Dubuque City Hall 50 W. 13th Street Dubuque 09/14/1972
Dubuque County Courthouse 720 Central Ave. Dubuque 06/23/1971
Dubuque County Jail 36 E. 8th Street Dubuque 06/27/1972
Dubuque Freight House E. 3rd Street Extension Dubuque 10/11/1979
Dubuque Millworking Historic District White, Jackson, Elm between E. 6th and E. 11th Sts. Dubuque 11/07/08
Dubuque Trading Post--Village of Kettle Chief Archeological District Address Restricted Dubuque 11/21/1988
Dubuque Young Men's Christian Association Building 125 West Ninth Street Dubuque 1/31/2002
Epworth School 310 WEst Main Street Epworth 4/21/2004
Four Mounds Estate Historic District 4900 Peru Road Dubuque 1/24/2002
Four Mounds Site Address Resticted Dubuque vicinity 11/17/2000
Fenelon Place Elevator 512 Fenelon Pl. Dubuque 08/03/1978
Garland House 1090 Langworthy Ave. Dubuque 07/07/1983
George W. Rogers Company Shot Tower Commercial St. and River Front Dubuque 5/22/2003
German Bank 342 Main Street Dubuque 03/28/1978
Grand Opera House 135 8th Street Dubuque 9/20/2002
Haberkorn House and Farmstead W of Sherrill Sherrill 01/25/1980
Ham Mathias House 2241 Lincoln Ave. Dubuque 07/19/1976
Hancock Charles T. House 1105 Grove Terrace Dubuque 04/10/1986
Holland Ora House 1296 Mt. Pleasant Street Dubuque 08/14/1986
Hollenfelz House 1651 White Street Dubuque 09/13/1977
Holy Ghost Catholic Historic District 2887-2921 Central Ave. Dubuque 09/15/2011
Interstate Power Company Building 1000 Main; 131 W. 10th St. Dubuque 06/26/2008
Jackson Park Historic District Roughly bounded by Seventeenth Iowa Tenth and Ninth and Bluff and Montrose Sts. Dubuque 07/31/1986
John Bell Block 1301-1307 Central Avenue Dubuque 12/20/2002
Johnson House and Barn S of Dubuque Dubuque 11/05/1974
Julien Dubuque Bridge (Highway Bridges of Iowa MPS) US 20 over Mississippi River Dubuque 8/27/99
Julien Monument Confluence of Mississippi River and Catfish Creek in Mines of Spain State Recreation Area Dubuque 11/21/1988
Kelley House 274 Southern Ave. Dubuque 01/30/1978
Kidder Zephaniah House 206 1st Ave. NE Epworth 11/14/1978
Langworthy Historic District Langworthy, West Third, Melrose Terrace, between Hill and West 5th, Alpine and Walnut between Solon and West 5th Dubuque 08/12/2004
Langworthy House 1095 W. 3rd Street Dubuque 10/14/1975
Lincoln School About 4 mi. N of Farley Farley 07/24/1975
Loetscher T. Ben House 160 S. Grandview Ave. Dubuque 11/02/1989
McMahon House 800 English Lane Dubuque 11/21/1976
Mines of Spain Area Rural Community Archeological District Address Restricted Dubuque 11/21/1988
Mines of Spain Lead Mining Community Archeological District Address Restricted Dubuque 11/21/1988
Mines of Spain Prehistoric District Address Restricted Dubuque 11/21/1988
Old Chapel Hall 2050 University Ave. Dubuque 08/05/1983
Old Main Historic District Main Street between 1st and 4th Sts. Dubuque 01/12/1983
Orpheum Theatre and Site 405 Main Street Dubuque 11/14/1972
The Town Clock Building 823-25 Main Street Dubuque 1/24/2002
Rath Johann Christian Frederick House 1204 Mt. Loretta Ave. Dubuque 04/11/1977
Redstone 504 Bluff Street Dubuque 12/12/1976
Roshek Brothers Department Store 250 W. 8th St. Dubuque 03/17/2010
Round Barn Dubuque Township 2810 Cascade Rd. Dubuque 06/30/1986
Sauser-Lane House 101 2nd Ave. SW Cascade 07/14/1983
Schrup, John and Marie (Palen) Farmstead Historic District 10086 Lake Eleanor Rd. Dubuque vicinity 09/16/2009
Security Building 800 Main St. Dubuque 08/08/2006
Sherrill Mount House 5259 South Mound Road Sherrill 7/11/2002
Shot Tower Commercial Street and River Front Dubuque 11/07/1976
Shroeder-Klein Grocery Company Warehouse 40-48 Main Street Dubuque 02/28/2011
St. Boniface of New Vienna Historic District 7401 Columbus Street New Vienna 9/29/1999
St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church 1199 Main Street Dubuque 4/23/1998
Thedinga J. H. House 340 W. 5th Street Dubuque 11/07/1976
Upper Central Avenue Commercial Historic District 1460-1965 Central Ave. Dubuque 9/19/2012
Upper Main Street Historic District (Boundary Increase) 909,951,955,965 Main Street Dubuque 02/11/2011
Upper Main Street Historic District 1000-1100 Main Street Dubuque 04/11/2005
Washington Mill Bridge Creek Branch Lane over Lytle Creek Bernard vicinity 6/25/1998
Washington Park Bounded by 6th 7th Bluff and Locust Sts. Dubuque 07/14/1977
Washington Street and East 22nd Street Historic District 2162-2255 Washington Street and E 22nd Street Dubuque 02/28/2011
West 11th Street Historic District boundry description not available Dubuque 08/12/2004
Western Hotel SE of Holy Cross on U.S. 52 Holy Cross 11/07/1976
White Water Creek Bridge Whitewater Rd. over White Water Creek Bernard vicinity Delisted 5/10/2012
William M. Black (dredge) E. 2nd Street Dubuque 04/12/1982
Ziepprecht Block 1347 Central Avenue Dubuque 12/20/2002