Jasper County

Property Address City Date Listed
Red Bridge Co.Rd. S74 over South Skunk River Monroe vicinity 5/15/98
Arthur Thomas House 322 N. 8th Ave. E. Newton 10/07/1982
Bergman August H. House 629 First Ave. E. Newton 07/13/1989
Byal Orchard Historic District W. 108th Street about 1.5 mi. S of jct. with IA 223 Mingo 10/28/1994
Emerson Hough Elementary School 700 N. 4th Avenue E Newton October 24, 2002
Fred Maytag Park Historic District 301 S. 22th Ave W Newton 11/10/10
German Evangelical Reformed Church N of Newton Newton 03/07/1979
Hall James Norman House 416 E. Howard Street Colfax 07/12/1984
Jasper County Courthouse 1st Ave. between W. 1st Street & W. 2nd Sts. Newton 07/02/1981
Long J. G. and Regina House Co. Rd. F70 .5 mi. W of Monroe city limits Monroe 04/14/1997
Lynnville Mill and Dam East Street Lynnville 11/25/1977
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 223 E. 4th Street N. Newton 09/22/1977