Johnson County

Property Address City Date Listed
Ashton, Ned, House 820 Park Road Iowa City 1/26/2001
Berryhill Charles House 414 Brown Street Iowa City 05/31/1979
Bethel AME Church 411 S. Governor St. Iowa City 9/27/00
Billingsley-Hills House 629 Melrose Ave. Iowa City 01/21/1983
Boerner-Fry Company/Davis Hotel 332 E. Washington Street Iowa City 01/27/1983
Bostick William House 115 N. Gilbert Street Iowa City 03/28/1996
Brown Street Historic District Roughly Brown Street from W of Linn Street to Governor Street and adjacent parts of intersecting streets Iowa City 09/23/1994
Brown Street Historic District (increase) 500-800 blocks of East Ronalds Street Iowa City 9/29/2004
Buresh Farm W of Solon off IA 382 Solon 04/29/1977
Cannon Wilbur D. and Hattie House 320 Melrose Ave. Iowa City 10/07/1994
Carson Thomas C. House 906 E. College Street Iowa City 09/09/1982
Cavanaugh-Zetek House 704 Reno Street Iowa City 09/16/1977
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Passenger Station 115 Wright Street Iowa City 12/10/1982
Clark House 829 Kirkwood Ave. Iowa City 05/16/1996
Close House 538 S. Gilbert Street Iowa City 05/31/1974
College Block Building 125 E. College Street Iowa City 07/23/1973
College Green Historic District Roughly bounded by Burlington Summit Washington and Van Buren Sts. Iowa City 07/09/1997
Congregational Church of Iowa City 30 N. Clinton Street Iowa City 06/18/1973
Coralville Public School 402-404 5th Street Coralville 01/11/1974
Coralville Union Ecclesiastical Church 405 2nd Ave. Coralville 04/11/1977
Cottage at Rock and Dubuque Streets Rte. 4 Box 3 Solon 01/03/1985
Czecho Slovakian Association Hall 524 N. Johnson Street Iowa City 11/07/1976
East College Street Historic District Roughly bounded by Muscatine Ave. Summitt Washington and Burlington Sts. Iowa City 07/09/1997
Economy Advertising Company 119--123 N. Linn Iowa City 04/28/1986
Englert Theatre 221 E. Washington Street Iowa city 8/30/2001
First Johnson County Asylum W of Iowa City Iowa City 08/31/1978
First Welsh Congregational Church 5 mi. SW of Iowa City off IA 1 Iowa City 04/13/1977
Ford Arthur Hillyer House 228 Brown Street Iowa City 04/10/1986
Franklin Printing House 115 S. Dubuque Iowa City 04/10/1986
Gilbert-Linn Street Historic District Portions of 300-600 N. Gilbert and N. Linn Streets Iowa City 4/21/2005
Harvat, Emma J. and Mary E. Stach House 332 E. Davenport Street Iowa City 5/11/2000
Henyon-Kaspar-Duffy Barn 2520 IA 1NE Solon vicinity 1/02/2004
Jackson-Swisher House and Carriage House 120 E. Fairchild Street Iowa City 11/10/1982
Jefferson Street Historic District Portions of 100-400 blocks of East Jefferson Iowa City 9/29/2004
Johnson County Courthouse S. Clinton Street Iowa City 03/27/1975
Sylvanus House 2155 Prairie du Chien Rd. Iowa City 12/06/1990
Kirkwood House 1101 Kirkwood Iowa City 09/17/1974
Letovsky-Rohret House 515 E. Davenport Street Iowa City 04/12/1982
Linsay House 935 E. College Iowa City 08/02/1977
Longfellow Historic District Roughly bounded by Court, Rundell, Sheridan, and west boundary of Longfellow School Iowa City 9/12/2002
McCollister James Farmstead SE of jct. of U.S. 6 and U.S. 218 Iowa City 10/08/1976
Melrose Historic District Portions of Melrose Ave., Melrose Court, Melrose Circle, Brookland Park Drive, Brookland Place, Myrtle Ave. Iowa City 12/06/2004
Miller Round Barn CR F62 Sharon Center 06/30/1986
Muscatine Avenue Moffitt Cottage Historic District 1322--1330 Muscatine Ave. Iowa City 05/04/1993
Nicking House 410 E. Market Street Iowa City 04/21/1975
North Presbyterian Church 26 E. Market Street Iowa City 08/28/1973
Oakes-Wood House 1142 E. Court Street Iowa City 04/14/1978
Old Capitol University of Iowa campus Iowa City 05/31/1972
Old Post Office 28 S. Linn Street Iowa City 04/17/1979
Old State Quarry 0.1 mi S of S end of Rice Ridge Ln NE Coralville Lake North Liberty vicinity 2/23/98
Oxford Commercial Historic District Roughly Augusta Ave. between Wilson Street and Center Street alley Oxford 05/02/1997
Park House Hotel 130 E. Jefferson Street Iowa City 12/11/1978
Paul--Helen Building 207--215 E. Washington Iowa City 04/10/1986
Pentacrest Bounded by Clinton Madison Jefferson and Washington Sts. Iowa City 03/29/1978
Plum Grove 1030 Carroll Ave. Iowa City 05/07/1973
Polygonal Barn Lincoln Township Off US 6 West Liberty 06/30/1986
Pratt A. W. House 503 Melrose Ave. Iowa City 02/03/1983
Ranshaw, Samuel and Emma A. House 515 W. Penn Street North Liberty 09/26/2012
Rittenmeyer F. X. House 630 E. Fairchild Street Iowa City 05/31/1979
Roberts Octagon Barn CR W62 Sharon Center 06/30/1986
Rose Hill 1415 E. Davenport Street Iowa City 04/28/1992
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church 1165 NE. Taft Ave. Solon 07/09/1997
Schindhelm--Drews House 410 N. Lucas Street Iowa City 01/28/1994
Secrest Octagon Barn W of Downey Downey 11/05/1974
Shimek Bohumil House 529 Brown Street Iowa City 12/23/1991
South Summit Street District 301-818 S. Summit Street Iowa City 10/09/1973
St. John's Lutheran Church N of Kalona Kalona 04/05/1977
St. Mary's Church and Rectory 220 E. Jefferson Street Iowa City 02/08/1980
St. Mary's Rectory 610 E. Jefferson Street Iowa City 07/07/1995
Stone Academy IA 1, 2 miles North of Solon Solon vicinity 1/16/2001
Sutliff Bridge Sutliff Rd. over Cedar River Iowa City vicinity 5/15/98
Summit Apartment Building 228 S. Summit Street Iowa City 09/29/1983
Trinity Episcopal Church 320 E. College Street Iowa City 12/31/1974
Union Brewery 127--131 N. Linn and 221--227 E. Market Iowa City 04/10/1986
Van Patten House 9 S. Linn Street Iowa City 01/27/1983
Vogt House 800 N. Van Buren Street Iowa City 07/24/1978
Washington Township Center High School NE of Amish Amish 12/15/1979
Wetherby, Isaac A., House 611 N. Governor Iowa City 03/17/09
Wentz Jacob House 219 N. Gilbert Street Iowa City 08/27/1974
White H. A. General Store and House 10 W. Cherry Street North Liberty 01/12/1984
Windrem House 604 Iowa Ave. Iowa City 09/13/1977
Woodlawn Historic District Irregular pattern along Woodlawn Ave. Iowa City 03/26/1979