Linn County

Property Address City Date Listed
Armstrong Robert and Esther House 370 34th Street SE. Cedar Rapids 11/16/1989
Ash Park Historic District 5th--7th Aves. N between 6th and 8th Sts. NW Mount Vernon 09/13/1993
Ausadie Building 845 First Ave SE Cedar Rapids 12/06/2004
Averill A. T. House 1120 2nd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 11/28/1978
Beach School NW of Mount Vernon off US 30 Mount Vernon 09/16/1982
Bertram Bridge Ely Street over Big Creek Bertram 05/15/1998
Bohemian Commercial Historic District 1000 to 1300 blocks of 3rd Street SE
100 to 200 blocks of 14th Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids 12/20/2002
Bohemian Commercial Historic District Roughly bounded by 9th Ave. SE, 4th Street SE, 14th Ave. SE, 15th Ave. SW, C Street SW, 17th Ave. SW, & A Street SW Cedar Rapids 03/12/2012
Bowman, James W. and Ida G., House 1372 8th Avenue Marion 9/14/2002
Braska House 889 2nd Ave. Marion 03/21/1979
Brewer Luther A. and Elinore T. House 847 4th Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 04/23/1998
Brown Apartments 1234 4th Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 03/17/2010
Burlington Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad: Walker Station Between Rowley and Washington Sts. Walker 02/14/1978
C.S.P.S. Hall 1105 3rd Street SE Cedar Rapids 11/29/1978
Calder Houses 1214 and 1216 2nd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 01/18/1978
Cedar Rapids Post Office and Public Building 305 2nd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 11/10/1982
Cedar Rapids Pump Company Factory and Warehouse 605 G. Ave., NW Cedar Rapids 11/06/2012
Chain Lakes Bridge Pedestrian trail over Cedar River Hiawatha vicinity 05/15/1998
Consistory Building No. 2 616 "A" Ave. NE Cedar Rapids 11/20/1998
Cornell College-Mount Vernon Historic District Roughly bounded by RR tracks College Blvd. N. 10th N. 8th and S. 3rd Aves. N. 2nd and S. 4th Sts. Mount Vernon 07/18/1980
Damour William and Sue House 1844 2nd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 01/16/1997
Dewitt--Harman Archeological Site Address Restricted Cedar Rapids vicinity 09/14/2000
Douglas George B. House 800 2nd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 09/09/1982
Dows Street Historic District Dows St. between State and Main Streets Ely 11/14/2003
Ely Schoolhouse 1570 Rowley Street Ely 09/20/2006
Evans Manufacturing Company Building 301 Sixth Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 04/15/1999
First Avenue Bridge US 151 over Cedar River Cedar Rapids 05/15/1998
First Presbyterian Church of Marion Iowa 802 12th Street Marion 07/24/1992
First Universalist Church of Cedar Rapids 600 3rd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 08/24/1978
Granger House 970 10th Street Marion 08/13/1976
Grant Douglas and Charlotte House 3400 Adel Street SE Marion 11/09/1988
Hamilton Brothers Building 401 First Street SE. Cedar Rapids 09/08/1994
Horecky, Henek and Mary, Log Cabin Not for publication Mt. Vernon Vicinity 9/14/2000
Hotel Roosevelt 200 First Ave. NE Cedar Rapids 05/01/1991
IANR Railroad Underpass Ely Rd. Cedar Rapids 05/15/1998
Indian Creek Bridge Artesian Rd. over Indian Creek Cedar Rapids vicinity 05/15/1998
Iowa Building 221 4th Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 02/17/1983
Iowa Wind Mill and Pump Company Office and Warehouse 42 7th Ave. SW Cedar Rapids 10/31/2012
Janko, Jan F. and Antonie, Farmstead District 4021 Vista Rd. Ely vicinity 09/14/2000
King Memorial Chapel Cornell College campus Mount Vernon 11/07/1976
Kyte, John and Mary Jane, Farmstead District 2875 Mormon Trail Rd. Weldon vicinity 09/14/2000
Lane, Smuel M., House 1776 8th Avenue Marion 09/14/2002
Lattner Auditorium Building 217 4th Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 02/17/1983
Lesinger Block 1317 3rd Street SE Cedar Rapids 12/24/1997
Linn Highwater Rock Cedar River near 1st Ave. and 1st Street NE Cedar Rapids 11/17/1977
Lustron Home #02102 2009 Williams Blvd. SW Cedar Rapids 08/25/2004
Marion Carnegie Public Library 1298 7th Ave. Marion 03/25/1994
Marion Commercial Historic District 560-748 10th., 958-1298 7th Ave., 760-96 11th St., 766-76 13th St., 1108 8th Ave., and 969 6th Ave. Marion 11/18/2009
Matsell Bridge Natsell Park Rd. over Wapsipinicon River Springville vicinity 05/15/1998
May's Island Historic District Between 1st and 5th Aves. on May Island Cedar Rapids 10/19/1978
Mentzer Joseph P. House 2233 3rd Ave. Marion 04/12/1982
Minor, Josias L. and Elizabeth A., Farmstead District 7500 Ely Rd. Ely vicinity 09/14/2000
Moorhead, Joseph and Clara Amanda H., House 88 Palisades Access Rd. Ely vicinity 09/14/2000
Moslem Temple 1335 9th Street NW Cedar Rapids 05/15/1996
Mount Vernon Commercial Historic District 1st Street between 2nd and 1st Aves. N. Mount Vernon 09/13/1993
Notbohm Mill Archaeological District Address Restricted Alburnett vicinity 03/29/2000
Odd Fellows Hall Troy Mills Rd. Troy Mills 10/10/1985
Paramount Theater Building 121--127 3rd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 08/26/1976
People's Savings Bank 101 3rd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 03/29/1978
Perkins, Charles W. and Nellie, House 1228 3rd Avenue SE Cedar Rapids 05/09/2002
Podhajsky--Jansa Farmstead District Hoosier Creek Rd. Ely vicinity 09/14/2000
Pucker Street Historic District Bounded by 13th Street, 9th Avenue, 20th Street and 8th Avenue Marion 09/14/2002
Pyle, Glenn O. and Lucy O., House 1540 8th Avenue Marion 09/14/2002
Redmond Park-Grande Avenue Historic District Roughly bounded by UIS 151, Nineteenth St. and Washington Ave. Cedar Rapids 09/10/2001
Second and Third Avenue Historic District 1400 to 1800 blks of Second Ave. SE and Third Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 08/10/2000
Security Building 2nd Ave. and 2nd Street SE Cedar Rapids 12/07/1977
Seminole Valley Farmstead W of Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids 10/08/1976
Sinclair T. M. Mansion 2160 Linden Dr. SE Cedar Rapids 12/12/1976
St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church 1340 3rd Ave. SE Cedar Rapids 06/27/1985
Stuckslager Harrison House 207 N. Jackson Street Lisbon 10/01/1979
Taylor-Van Note 4600 Blairs Ferry Rd. Cedar Rapids 10/10/1985
Terrace Park Historic District Roughly bounded by 10th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 11th Street and East side of 12th Street Marion 10/25/2006
Torrance House S of Lisbon Lisbon 07/07/1983
Upper Paris Bridge Sutton rd. over Wapsipinicon River Coggin vicinity 05/15/1998
West Wesley House Palisades Rd. Mount Vernon 06/27/1985
Whittier Friends Meeting House Jct. of Co. Rds. E34 and X20 Whittier 07/29/1993
Witwer Grocery Company Building 905 3rd Street SE. Cedar Rapids 05/01/1998
Wolff Philip A. House and Carriage House 1420 Seminole Ave. NW Cedar Rapids 10/07/1982
Grant Wood's "Fall Plowing" Rural Historic Landscape District .5 mi. N of Junction of Matsell Ln. and Stone City Rd Viola vicinity 05/30/2003