Mahaska County

Property Address City Date Listed
Bellefountain Bridge Ashland Ave. over Des Moines River Tracy vicinity 5/15/98
Eveland Bridge Fulton Ave. over Des Moines River Oskaloosa vicinity 5/15/98
North Skunk River Bridge Co. Rd. G13 over North Skunk River New Sharon vicinity 5/15/98
Alsop Carroll House 1907 A Avenue East Oskaloosa 11/09/1988
Berry Dr. William E. and Ethel Rosenberger House 116 Rosenberger Ave. Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Conover Thomas J. House 1010 N. Market Street Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
Edmundson Park Historic District Jct. of 11th Ave. W and Edmundson Dr. Oskaloosa 9/27/07
Forest Cemetery Entrance Jct. of N. 9th Street and J Ave. E. Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Gibbs E. H. House William Penn College Campus N. Market Extension Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Hoffman Phil House 807 High Ave. E. Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Iowa Yearly Meeting House--College Avenue Friends Church 912 N. C Street Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Johnson William A. and Ida C. House 307 College Ave. Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
Klose Dr. William H. and Mae R. House 1002 Penn Blvd. Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Lake Keomah State Park Bathhouse--Lodge Area (Area A) Off IA 371 S of jct. with IA 92 Oskaloosa 11/15/1990
Lake Keomah State Park Erosion Control Area (Area B) Off IA 371 S of jct. with IA 92 Oskaloosa 11/15/1990
Lamberson Jack House 511 N. Park Ave. Oskaloosa 11/09/1988
Lincoln School 911 B Ave. W. Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Mahaska County Courthouse Market Street and 2nd Ave. Oskaloosa 07/02/1981
McMullin Maj. James W. House 403 1st Ave. E. Oskaloosa 04/11/1985
McNeill, W.A., House 1282 C Ave. E. Oskaloosa 10/21/1999
Nelson Daniel House and Barn SR 1 Oskaloosa 11/20/1974
Oskaloosa City Hall Jct. of S. Market Street and 2nd Ave. E. NE corner Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Oskaloosa City Park and Band Stand City Park Oskaloosa 07/28/1983
Oskaloosa City Square Commercial Historic District Roughly bounded by A Ave. E N. and S. Second Street Second Ave. E and N. and S. A Street Oskaloosa 04/10/1986
Oskaloosa Fire Station 109--111 2nd Ave. E. Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Oskaloosa Monthly Meeting of Friends Parsonage 910 N. C Street Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Oskaloosa Public Library Jct. of Market Street and 2nd Ave. W. SW corner Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Paradise Block Historic District 402 406 408 410 414 418 and 510--714 High Ave. E. Oskaloosa 12/13/1991
Penn College Historic District 201 Trueblood Ave. Oskaloosa 04/04/1996
Pierson--Betts House 815 Penn Blvd. Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
President's Cottage 425 College Ave. Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
Rock Island Passenger Depot Rock Island Ave. between 1st and 2nd Sts. Oskaloosa 10/30/1989
Seeberger-Loring-Kilburn House 509 High Ave. E. Oskaloosa 07/14/1983
Shoemake John H. House 116 2nd Ave. W. Oskaloosa 03/22/1984
Smith-Johnson House 713 High Ave. E. Oskaloosa 11/09/1977
Spring Creek Friends Cemetery Jct. of Osburn Ave. and 235th Street Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Spring Creek Meeting House --H Street Mission 207 N. H Street Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
Spurgin Residence 313 College Ave. Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
St. James Episcopal Church Jct. of 1st Ave. and S. 3rd Street SW corner Oskaloosa 12/13/199
Stock Judging Pavilion Southern Iowa Fairgrounds Oskaloosa 04/12/1984
Stokes Dr. Ella House 416 W. College Hill Ave. Oskaloosa 03/29/1996
Stranahan Prof. Edgar H. and Irene D. House 1001 Gurney Street Oskaloosa 03/28/1996
Ulysses Simpson Grant Elementary School 715 B Ave. E. Oskaloosa 12/10/08
Vandfer Wilt Farmstead Historic District 1345 IA 163, Black Oak Twp, Sec 22, T26N, R17W, SW of Ne Leighton 01/08/2004
Voorhees John K. House NW of Oskaloosa on IA 163 Oskaloosa 03/05/1982