Monroe County

Property Address City Date Listed
Albia Square and Central Commercial Historic District Roughly bounded by the alley of S. and N. Clinton E. and W. A Ave. N. and S. 2nd Street and E. and W. 2nd Ave. Albia 01/03/1985
Brick Gothic House 1.25 mi. S of Albia 0.75 mi. E of IA 5 0.5 mi. W of T35 Albia 04/14/1994
Buxton Historic Townsite Address Restricted Lovilia 08/09/1983
Clark Round Barn CR T7H Tyrone 06/30/1986
Elbert-Bates House 106 2nd Ave. W. Albia 06/27/1985
Jenkins Dr. George A. House 223 S. C Street Albia 02/05/1987
Monroe County Courthouse Main Street Albia 07/02/1981
Noble-Kendall House 209 E. Benton Ave. Albia 04/12/1984
Perry T. B. House 212 Benton Ave. W. Albia 07/14/1983
Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church US 34 W of Albia Albia 05/06/1992
White Arvine and Elizabeth W. House 309 N. Main Street Albia 09/08/1994