Montgomery County

Property Address City Date Listed
Nodaway River Bridge Pedestrian path in Pilot Grove County Park Grant vicinity 5/15/98
Chautauqua Park Oak Street Red Oak. 05/19/1972
Chicago Burlington Northern and Quincy Depot 305 S. Second St. Red Oak 4/29/99
Grant Commercial Historic District Parts of Second St. and U Ave. Grant 9/12/2002
Hebard Alfred House 700 8th Street Red Oak 04/12/1984
Montgomery County Courthouse Coolbaugh and 2nd Sts. Red Oak 07/02/1981
Montgomery County Jail 100 W. Coolbaugh Street Red Oak 12/18/1992
Moore Josiah B. and Sara House 508 E. Second Street Villisca 12/01/97
Murphy, Thos. D. Co. Factory And Power Plant 110 S. 2nd St. Red Oak 05/19/08
Osborne Edmund B. House 1020 Boundary Street Red Oak 10/30/1997
Red Oak Firehouse and City Jail 318 E. Washington Ave. Red Oak 01/11/06
Red Oak Public Library 2nd and Washington Sts. Red Oak 05/23/1983
Round Barn Pilot Grove Township CR H20 Sennett 06/30/1986
Round Barn Washington Township US 71 Sciola 06/30/1986
Sciola Missionary Baptist Church US 71 Sciola 07/18/1983