Polk County

Property Address City Date Listed
Abraham Lincoln High School 2600 SW 9th Street Des Moines 10/24/2002
Ainsworth William W. and Elizabeth J. House 1310 7th St. Des Moines 10/22/98
Andrews Josiah House 1128 27th Street Des Moines 11/01/1988
Ashby Manor Historic District Roughly bounded by Beaver Ave. and Ashby Park Des Moines 09/04/1992
Ayrshire Apartments 1815 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Bailey William H. and Alice House 1810 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Baker C. H. Double House 1700--1702 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Baker--DeVotie--Hollingsworth Block 516-526 E Grand Ave. Des Moines 01/10/2008
Bartlett Walter M. Double House 1416-1418 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/22/1998
Bates Park Historic District 4th Street between Orchard and Clark Sts. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Baum William A. and Etta Cottage 1604 8th Street Des Moines 10/25/1996
Beeson Byron A. House 1503 5th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Bell Hill McClelland House 1091 26th Street Des Moines 11/01/1988
Benham F. A. House 716 19th St. Des Moines 11/05/98 (Towards a Greater Des Moines MPS)
Big Creek Schoolhouse 112 3rd Street Polk City 08/11/2004
Boyd House, Byron and Ivan 304 42nd Street Des Moines 04/06/2004
Boyt Company Building 210 Court Ave. Des Moines 03/10/2009
Burns United Methodist Church 811 Crocker Street Des Moines 06/15/1977
Burnstein--Malin Grocery 1241 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/22/1998
Camp Dodge Pool District Buildings A22--A24 Camp Dodge Johnston 02/17/1995
Case Larnerd House 3111 Easton Blvd. Des Moines 06/21/1982
Chaffee--Hunter House 1821 8th St. Des Moines 10/22/1998
Chamberlain, D.S., Building 1312 Locust St. Des Moines 06/28/2007
Carpenter James Sansom House 3320 Kinsey Ave. Des Moines 4/23/98
Chautauqua Park Historic District Roughly bounded by 16th Street Hickman Rd. and Chautauqua Pkwy. Des Moines 03/22/1990
Civic Center Historic District Des Moines River Center Street Dam to Scott Ave. Dam including both banks Des Moines 12/07/1988
Clemens Automobile Company Building 200 10th St. Des Moines 05/06/2009
College Corner Commercial Historic Business District Euclid Ave. between Second and Third Aves. Des Moines 4/23/98
Court Avenue Bridge Court Ave. over Des Moines River Des Moines 5/15/98
Crane Building 1440 Walnut Des Moines 8/30/2001
Crawford House 2203 Grand Ave. Des Moines 01/27/1983
Cummins Albert Baird House 2404 Forest Dr. Des Moines 06/30/1982
Darling Jay Norwood and Genevieve Pendleton House 2320 Terrace Rd. Des Moines 09/30/1992
Denny Professor Charles O. House 1084 Twenty-fifth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Des Moines Art Center 4700 Grand Avenue Des Moines 12/06/2004
Des Moines Saddlery Company Building 307--311 Court Ave. Des Moines 06/27/1985
Des Moines Western Railway Freight House 625 E. Court Ave. Des Moines 7/10/08
Drake University Campus Historic District Roughly two blks. along University Ave. near Twenty-fifth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Earle & LeBosquet Block 407-409 Court Ave. Des Moines 06/11/2009
Evans, Edward B. and Nettie E., House 1410 19th St. Des Moines 4/01/2002
Fire Station No. 4 1041 8th Street Des Moines 06/27/1979
First Methodist Episcopal Church 10th and Pleasant Sts. Des Moines 04/12/1984
Fish and Game Pavilion and Aquarium Iowa State Fairgrounds Des Moines 12/23/1991 ;
Fleming Building 218 6th Avenue Des Moines 05/22/2002
Flynn Farm Mansion and Barn 2600 111th Street Des Moines 11/30/1973
Fort Des Moines Provisional Army Officer Training School Fort Des Moines Military Reservation Des Moines 05/30/1974
Franklin Apartments 1811 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Gabriel Rees House 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. Des Moines 12/01/1978
Goddard Bungalow Court Historic District 1410-21 Goddard Court, 1232 14th Street Des Moines 11/21/2000
Goode Lowry W. and Hattie N. First North Des Moines House 1813 7th St. Des Moines 10/22/1998
Grand View College (Old Main) 1200 Grandview Ave. Des Moines 05/23/1978
Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George 1118 35th Street Des Moines 02/28/1997
Grocers Wholesale Company Building 22 West Ninth Street Des Moines 04/25/2008
Haley F.E. Double House 1233-1235 7th St. Des Moines 10/22/1998
Hallett Flat—Rawson & Co. Apartment Building 1301-1307 Locust St. Des Moines 12/01/2000
Hatton Dr. John B. and Anna M. House 1730 7th Street Des Moines 4/23/1998
Hawkeye Insurance Company Building 209 Fourth Street Des Moines 04/28/1986
Hayes William B. House 1547 Arlington Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Hawkeye Transfer Company Warehouse 702 Elm St. Des Moines 03/22/2010
Hazen, Allen Water Tower 4800 Hickman Road Des Moines 08/11/2004
Henshie-Briggs Row House 1106 High Street Des Moines 08/08/2001
Herndon Hall 2000 Grand Ave. Des Moines 07/27/1977
Herring Motor Car Company Building 110 W. 10th Street Des Moines 12/06/2004
Herrold Bridge NW 88th Ave. over Beaver Creek Herrold vicinity 5/15/1998
Highland Park Historic Business District at Euclid and Sixth Avenues Roughly jct. of Euclid Ave. and Sixth Ave. Des Moines 7/15/1998
Hohberger Building 502-506 E. Locust St. Des Moines 9/12/2002
Home of Marshall's Horseradish 1546 2nd Place Des Moines 10/22/1998
Homestead Building 303 Locust Street Des Moines 03/05/1982
Hotel Fort Des Moines 10th and Walnut Sts. Des Moines 09/16/1982
Hotel Kirkwood 400 4th Street, a.k.a. 400 Walnut Street Des Moines 12/10/2003
Hotel Randolph 200-204 4th St. Des Moines 06/11/2009
Hubbell Building 904 Walnut Street Des Moines 08/11/2004
Hubbell Warehouse 340 SW 5th St Des Moines 11/12/10
Ingersoll Place Plat Historic District 28th St., Linden and High Sts. Des Moines 11/21/2000
Iowa Commission for the Blind Building 524 4th St Des Moines 07/01/10
Iowa-Des Moines National Bank Building 520 Walnut Street Des Moines 07/10/1979
Iowa State Capitol Grand Ave. and E. 12th Street Des Moines 10/21/1976
Iowa State Fair and Exposition Grounds Historic District E. Thirtieth Street and Grand Ave. Des Moines 09/14/1987
Iowa State Historical Building E. 12th and Grand Ave. Des Moines 11/14/1978
Johnson Capt. Nicholas W. and Emma House Jct. of 21st Street and University Ave. Des Moines 12/06/1990
Johnstone Dr. Anna E. and Andrew A. House 1810 8th Street Des Moines 10/25/1996
Jordan House 2251 Fuller Rd. West Des Moines 12/10/1973
Keeler Rev. R. W. and Fannie E. House 1430 10th Street Des Moines 11/04/1993
Kingman Place Historic District 27th to 31st Sts., Kingman Blvd., Rutland St. and Cottage Ave. Des Moines 11/21/2000
Kirkham Francis M. House 1026 Twenty-fourth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Knotts Nellie and Thomas House 1021 Twenty-sixth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Kromer Flats 1433--1439 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Lexington The 1721 Pleasant Street Des Moines 12/12/1976
Liberty Building 418 Sixth Ave Des Moines 07/22/2010
Linden Heights Historic District Foster Drive, Glenview Drive, Woodlawn, Park Hill Drive west of SW 42nd Street Des Moines 12/10/2003
Lord Richard T. C. and William V. Wilcox House 2416 Kingman Blvd. Des Moines 09/08/1988
Mahnke House 2707 High Street Des Moines 10/13/1983
Maine The 1635 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Maish House 1623 Center Street Des Moines 04/11/1977
Masonic Temple of Des Moines 1011 Locust Street Des Moines 08/29/1997
Methodist Deaconess Institute--Esther Hall 921 Pleasant St. Des Moines 03/04/09
Middlesex Plat Historic district Center to Woodland Ave., 31st to 35th Sts. Des Moines 11/21/2000
Municipal Building E. 1st and Locust Sts. Des Moines 11/10/1977
Murillo Flats 605 16th St. Des Moines 06/09/2009
National Biscuit Company Building 1001 Cherry St. Des Moines 05/06/2009
Naylor House 944 W. 9th Street Des Moines 07/10/1974
New Lawn The 1245 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Newens Sanitary Dairy Historic District 2300-2312 University Avenue Des Moines 12/17/2003
Norman Apartment Building 3103 University Ave. Des Moines 09/08/1988
Northwestern Hotel 321 E. Walnut Des Moines 01/12/1984
Oaklands The Historic District Oakland and Arlington Aves. between Franklin and College Aves. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Odenweller F. F.--James P. and Nettie Morey House 1115 27th Street Des Moines 11/01/1988
Owl's Head Historic District Ridge Rd. Forest Dr. 28th and 29th Sts. Des Moines 10/11/1978
Peak George B. House 1080 22nd Street Des Moines 11/14/1978
Perry and Brainard Block 1601 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Polk County Courthouse 6th and Mulberry Sts. Des Moines 04/30/1979
Prospect Park Second Plat Historic District Roughly along the Des Moines River S to Franklin Ave. between 6th Ave. and 9th Street Des Moines 4/23/98
Public Library of Des Moines Locust Street Des Moines 07/25/1977
Reynolds Anson O. House 1022 Twenty-sixth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Riverview Park Plat Historic District Arlington Ave. between Franklin and 6th Aves. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Rollins Ralph House 2801 Fleur Dr. Des Moines 11/14/1978
Rumely--Des Moines Drug Company Building 110 SW. Fourth Street Des Moines 11/16/1989
Saint John's Roman Catholic Church 1915 University Ave. Des Moines 09/08/1987
Salisbury House 4025 Tonawanda Dr. Des Moines 07/20/1977
Sargent's Garage 510 College Ave. Des Moines 10/22/98
Savery Hotel 401 Locust St. Des Moines 11/05/98
Scheibe Julius Cottage 815 College Ave. Des Moines 10/22/98
Scott Mary A. and Caleb D. House 1014 Twenty-sixth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Schmitt and Henry Manufacturing Company 309 SW 8th St. Des Moines 03/17/2010
Scottish Rite Consistory Building 6th Ave. and Park Street Des Moines 09/29/1983
Seth Richards Commercial Block 300-310 Court Avenue Des Moines 03/11/2005
Sherman Hill Historic District Roughly bounded by Woodland Ave. 19th School and 15th Sts. Des Moines 01/25/1979
Sherman Hoyt Place 1501 Woodland Ave. Des Moines 09/19/1977
Sherman Lampson P. House 1052 Twenty-sixth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Simmons John P. House 1113 27th Street Des Moines 11/01/1988
Southwest Fifth Street Bridge SW Fifth Street over Raccoon River Des Moines 5/15/98
Sixth and Forest Historic District Jct. of 6th and Forest Aves. NE and NW corners Des Moines 10/25/1996
Smouse, David W., Opportunity School 2820 Center Street Des Moines 10/24/2002
Southeast Water Trough SE 11th and Scott Street Des Moines 10/08/1976
St. Ambrose Cathedral and Rectory 607 High Street Des Moines 03/30/1979
St. Paul's Episcopal Church 815 High St. Des Moines 03/31/2010
Standard Glass and Paint Company Building 112 10th Street Des Moines 12/06/2004
Stevenson Samuel A. and Margaret House 2940 Cottage Grove Ave. Des Moines 01/03/1985
Stoner Thomas I. House 1030 56th Street Des Moines 02/12/1992
Stuart Dr. Richard and Paulina House 1060 Twenty-fifth Street Des Moines 09/08/1988
Studio Building 524 E. Grand Ave. Des Moines 11/14/1978
Sylvan Theater Historic District In Greenwood Park on W side of 45th Street 1 block S of jct. with Grand Ave. Des Moines 08/15/1995
Syndicate Block 501 E. Locust Des Moines 10/01/2001
Taft-West Warehouse 215-222 Court Avenue Des Moines 12/20/2006
Teachout Building 500-502 E. Locust St. Des Moines 4/29/99
Terrace Hill 2300 Grand Ave. Des Moines 06/14/1972
Theodore Roosevelt High School 4419 Center Street Des Moines 10/24/2002
Trent--Beaver House 1802 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/25/1996
Trier Paul J. and Ida House 6880 N.W. Beaver Dr. Johnston 11/09/1988
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church 1548 8th Street Des Moines 4/23/98
Turner Susie P. Double House 1420-1422 8th St. Des Moines 10/22/98
Universalist Church 420 4th Street Mitchellville 9/06/2005
U.S. Post Office 2nd and Walnut Sts. Des Moines 11/19/1974
Vail Mrs. Marian D.--Prof. Charles Noyes Kinney House 1056 26th Street Des Moines 11/01/1988
Valley Junction-West Des Moines City Hall and Engine House 137 5th Street West Des Moines 02/17/1983
Veneman’s Bungalow Court Historic District 1101-115 Droukas Court, 1228, 1232 E. 12th St. Des Moines 11/21/2000
Wallace Henry House 756 16th Street Des Moines 05/14/1993
Warfield Pratt and Howell Company Warehouse 100 West Court Ave. Des Moines 05/15/1985
Weitz Charles H. and Lena May House 1424 5th Ave. Des Moines 10/22/98
West Chester 3520 Grand Ave. Des Moines 01/19/1984
West Ninth Streetcar Line Historic District W. Ninth Street from University Ave. to Hickman Rd. Des Moines 4/23/98
Wherry Block 1600-1602 6th Ave. Des Moines 10/22/98
Woodland Place Historic District 25th to 27th St. to Woodland Ave. Des Moines 11/21/2000
Youngerman Block 206-208 4th St. Des Moines 06/10/2009
Younker Brothers Department Store 713 Walnut St. Des Moines 03/17/2010