Pottawattamie County

Property Address City Date Listed
100 Block of west Broadway Commercial District W. Broadway Street Council Bluffs 05/09/2002
Bennett Building 405 West Broadway Council Bluffs 8/8/2001
Beresheim August House 621 3rd Street Council Bluffs 08/13/1976
Carstens Farmstead S of Shelby on IA 168 Shelby 07/10/1979
Cavin Thomas E. House 150 Park Ave. Council Bluffs 09/27/1984
Chevra B'nai Yisroel Synagogue 618 Mynster St. Council Bluffs 03/07/07
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot 1512 S. Main Street Council Bluffs 07/21/1995
Council Bluffs Free Public Library 200 Pearl St. Council Bluffs 1/27/99
Dodge Grenville M. House 605 S. 3rd Street Council Bluffs 10/15/1966
Dodge Ruth Anne Memorial Fairview Cemetery Council Bluffs 02/08/1980
Eckle Round Barn Off IA 168 Shelby 06/30/1986
German Bank Building of Walnut Iowa Jct. of Highland and Central Sts. Walnut 05/01/1991
Graceland Cemetery Chapel Graceland Cemetery US 59 Avoca 04/28/1986
Hancock Savings Bank 311 Main Street Hancock 01/19/1983
Haymarket Commercial Historic District S. Main Street Council Bluffs 04/11/1985
Hughes-Irons Motor Company 149-161 W. Broadway Council Bluffs 06/23/2011
Hughes Martin House 903 3rd Street Council Bluffs 09/27/1984
Jefferis Thomas House 523 6th Ave. Council Bluffs 12/25/1979
Lincoln--Fairview Historic District Roughly bounded by W. Kanesville Blvd., Oakland Ave., Fairview Cemetery, and N. 1st St. Council Bluffs 04/10/07
Norton, Charles Henry and Charlotte, House 401 N. Chestnut Street Avoca 12/30/2004
Park/Glen Avenues Historic District 101-508 Glen Ave., 102-471 Park Ave., 209 & 301 W. Pierce, & 524 & 600 Huntington Council Bluffs 04/0720/10
Pioneer Implement Company 1000 South Main Street Council Bluffs 04/30/2008
Pottawattamie County Jail 226 Pearl Street Council Bluffs 03/16/1972
Pottawattamie County Sub Courthouse Elm Street Avoca 07/02/1981
Reverend Little's Young Ladies Seminary 541 6th Ave. Council Bluffs 02/04/1982
Shea John J. and Agnes House 309 S. 8th Street Council Bluffs 11/22/1995
St. Peter's Church and Rectory 1 Bluff Street Council Bluffs 07/24/1992
State Savings Bank 509 W. Broadway Council Bluffs 06/04/1984
Tulleys Lysander House 151 Park Ave. Council Bluffs 10/18/1979
Turner Francis A. and Rose M. House 1004 Cherry Street Avoca 01/31/1997
Wickham--De Vol House 332 Willow Ave. Council Bluffs 05/04/1995
Wickham O. P. House 616 S. 7th Street Council Bluffs 06/18/1979
Willow--Bluff--3rd Street Historic District Roughly bounded by Worth, High School Ave., Clark Ave. and W side Bluff St. Council Bluffs 09/15/2005
Y.M.C.A. Building 628 1st Ave. Council Bluffs 06/27/1979