Poweshiek County

Property Address City Date Listed
Bowers and McDonald Office Building 816 Commercial Street Grinnell 12/20/1990
Brooklyn Hotel 154 Front Street Brooklyn 10/01/1979
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad-Grinnell Passenger Station Park and State Sts. Grinnell 12/12/1976
Goodnow Hall Grinnell College campus Grinnell 04/26/1979
Grinnell Herald Building 813 5th Ave. Grinnell 01/17/1991
Grinnell Historic Commercial District Roughly bounded by Main Broad and Commercial Sts. and 5th Ave. Grinnell 04/09/1991
Grinnell Levi P. House 1002 Park Street Grinnell 10/01/1979
Interior Telephone Company Building 815 5th Ave. Grinnell 12/20/1990
Kent Union Chapel and Cemetery 3386 V18 Rd. Brooklyn vicinity 09/16/2009
Manatt William House 306 Jackson Street Brooklyn 10/30/1997
Marsh E.A. and Rebecca (Johnson) House 833 East St. Grinnell 04/15/1999
McDowell Bridge River Rd. over North Skunk River Montezuma vicinity Delisted, 05/10/2012
Mears Hall Grinnell College campus Grinnell 04/26/1979
Merchants' National Bank NW corner 4th Ave. and Broad Street Grinnell 01/07/1976
Montezuma Downtown Historic District Roughly along 3rd, 4th, Main & Library Streets around courthouse square Montezuma 05/30/2012
New Carroll House Hotel E. Main and 5th Sts. Montezuma 10/01/1979
North Grinnell Historic District Park to W., 6th Ave. to 11th Ave. Grinnell 12/10/2008
Poweshiek County Courthouse Town Square Montezuma 07/02/1981
Raymond P. P. House 4th Street Malcom 04/24/1985
Ricker B. J. House 1510 Broad Street Grinnell 12/25/1979
Spaulding Manufacturing Company 500--610 4th Ave. 827--829 Spring Street Grinnell 12/21/1978
Spencer Charles H. House 611 6th Ave. Grinnell 01/25/1980
Stewart Library 926 Broad Street Grinnell 11/21/1976