Story County

Property Address City Date Listed
Ames High School 515 Clark Avenue Ames 10/24/2002
Bandshell Park Historic District Bounded by Duff Ave., E. 5th Street, E. 6th Street and Carroll Ave. Ames 10/7/1999
Budd, Prof. J.L., Sarah M., and Etta Budd, House 804 Kellogg Avenue Ames 08/08/2001
Calamus Creek Bridge 325th Street over Calamus Creek Maxwell vicinity 5/15/98
Delta Upsilon Chapter House 117 Ash Ave Ames 11/10/10
East Indian Creek Bridge 260th Street over East Indian Creek Nevada vicinity 5/15/98
Keigley Branch Bridge 550th Street over Keigley Branch Gilbert vicinity 5/15/98
Skunk River Bridge 255th Street over Skunk River Ames vicinity 5/15/98
Agriculture Hall Iowa State University Ames 06/27/1985
Alumni Hall Iowa State University campus Ames 11/16/1978
Christian Petersen Courtyard Sculptures and Dairy Industry Building Union Dr. and Wallace Rd. Iowa State University campus Ames 04/07/1987
Edwards-Swayze House 1110 9th Street Nevada 11/14/1978
Engineering Hall Union Dr. Iowa State University campus Ames 01/10/1983
Grand Auditorium and Hotel Block Broad Street Story City 01/25/1980
Henryson, Henry T. and Emilie (Wises), House 619 Grad Avenue Story City 04/20/2005
Herschel--Spillman Two-Row Portable Menagerie Carousel North Park Story Street and Grove Ave. Story City 06/06/1986
Home for Science and Technology   Ames 1/10/2004
Knapp-Wilson House Iowa State University campus Ames 10/15/1966
Lincoln Township Mausoleum Cty Rd. E18, N end of Pearl St. Zearing 09/27/07
MacDonald Gilmour B. and Edith Craig House 517 Ash Street Ames 05/06/1992
Marston Water Tower Iowa State University campus Ames 05/27/1982
Morrill Hall Morrill Rd. facing E toward central campus Iowa Street University Ames 06/28/1996
Mulcahy Barn 25623 710th Avenue Colo 01/28/2004
Municipal Building 420 Kellogg Ave. Ames 05/02/1997
Octagon Round Barn Indian Creek Township Off CR S14 Iowa Center 06/30/1986
Old Town Historic District Bet. Duff and Clark Ave., and 7th and 9th Streets Ames 1/02/2004
Pleasant Grove Community Church and Cemetary 56971 170th Street Ames 05/28/2010
Roosevelt School 921 9th Street Ames 03/02/2010
Sheldahl First Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church 3rd and Willow Sts. Sheldahl 05/11/1984
Sigma Sigma-Delta Chi Fraternity House 405 Hayward Ave. Ames 7/10/08
Wood William Kennison House Co. Rd. off S27 Iowa Center 06/05/1995