Woodbury County

Property Address City Date Listed
Alhambra Apartments 801 8th Street Sioux City 10/12/2001
Ashby Atchison A. House 1807 Summit Street Sioux City 9/25/98
Badgerow Building 622 4th Street Sioux City 03/24/1982
Bailey George A. and Mary Tinkel House 423 10th Street Correctionville 08/05/98
Benson Archeological Site (13WD50) Address Restricted Smithland 04/24/1984
Boston Block 1005--1013 E. 4th Street Sioux City 01/03/1985
Bruguier, Theophile, Cabin Riverside Park Sioux City 8/14/00
Burkam Elzy G. House 1525 Douglas Street Sioux City 7/15/98
Charles City College Hall 1501 Moringside Ave. Sioux City 01/21/1983
Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Combination Depot Hornick Main Street S. of Railway Street Hornick 09/06/1990
Davidson Building 505 6th St. Sioux City 6/25/99
Evans Block 1126--28 4th Street Sioux City 01/03/1985
Everist H. H. House 37 McDonald Dr. Sioux City 09/29/1983
Fourth Street Historic District 1002--1128 Fourth Street Sioux City 08/15/1995
Florence Crittenton Home and Maternity Hospital 1105-1111 28th St. Sioux City 3/31/00
Franz Margaretta House 215 Kansas Street Sioux City REMOVED 5/22/98
Grandview Park Music Pavilion E. of McDonald Street, entrance at 2600 block of McDonald Street Sioux City 02/28/2011
Great Northern Railway Steam Locomotive No. 1355 and Tender 1451 3400 Sioux River Rd Sioux City 12/15/2004
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 900 6th Street Sioux City 5/01/98
Knapp-Spencer Warehouse 3rd and Nebraska Sts. Sioux City REMOVED 5/22/98
Knott Dr. Van Buren House 2323 Nebraska St. Sioux City 9/7/99
Leeds Junior High School 3919 Jefferson Street Sioux City 10/24/2002
Lexington Block 815 Fourth Street Sioux City REMOVED 5/22/98
Martin Hotel 410 Pierce Street Sioux City 01/27/1983
Martin T.S. and Company Jct. of 4th Street and Nebraska Street Sioux City 7/15/98
Mary Elizabeth Day Nursery 814 Court Street Sioux City 10/30/1997
Midland Packing Company 2001 Leech Ave. Sioux City 01/25/1979
Morningside College Historic District Roughly bounded by Vine Morningside Garretson Peters and S. Paxton Aves. and Sioux Trail Sioux City 05/14/1997
Motor Mart Building 520 Nebraska Street Sioux City 04/22/1993
Mt. Sinai Temple 1320 Nebraska Street Sioux City 10/21/1999
Municipal Auditorium 500 Gordon Dr. Sioux City 07/27/06
Mylius-Eaton Houst 2900 Jackson Street Sioux City 01/13/2004
New Orpheum Theatre 520-28 Pierce St. Sioux City 8/25/2000
Newton, James P. House and Maids Cottage 2312 Nebraska Street Sioux City 3/3/2000
Oversen, Julius and Anine House 2037 S. Lemon St. Sioux City 03/28/07
Peirce John House 2901 Jackson Street Sioux City 12/12/1978
Rose Hill Historic District , 1400-1700 blks of Douglas St., Grandview Blvd. and Summit St Sioux City 9/12/2002
Schulein Ben and Harriet House 2604 Jackson Street Sioux City 10/30/1997
Sergeant Floyd Missouri River Mile Marker 730 Sioux City 05/05/1989
Sergeant Floyd Monument Glenn Ave. and Lewis Rd. Sioux City 10/15/1966
Simmons Hardware Company 323 Water Street Sioux City 04/25/2008
Sioux City Baptist Church 1301 Nebraska Ave. Sioux City 10/22/1979
Sioux City Central High School 1212 Nebraska Street Sioux City 07/23/1973
Sioux City Fire Station Number 3 1211 5th St Sioux City 05/21/08
Sioux City Free Public Library 705 6th Street Sioux City 06/02/1997
Sioux City Linseed Oil Works 210 Court St. Sioux City 01/10/08
Sioux City Masonic Temple 820 Nebraska Street Sioux City 01/14/04
Sioux City Public Library (Smith Villa Branch) 1509 George Ave. Sioux City 05/23/1983
St. Boniface Historic District 703 W. 5th St. 515 Cook St. 700 W. 6th St. Sioux City 11/05/98
St. Casimir Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church 2524 Leech Ave. Sioux City Owner Objection Determined Eligible 6/01/98
St. Thomas Episcopal Church 1200 Douglas Street Sioux City 09/27/1984
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Church 600 Court St. Sioux City 05/30/06
Warrior Hotel 6th and Nebraska Sts. Sioux City 06/27/1985
Williges Building 613-615 Pierce St. Sioux City 08/31/2007
Woodbury County Courthouse 7th and Douglas Sts. Sioux City 12/18/1973