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HUD Review Process

During 2004, the process used to submit and review HUD undertakings was streamlined through a weeklong Kaizen event. As part of that work, the Request for SHPO Comment on a Project Form was tailored specifically for HUD projects and guidance was prepared to facilitate submittal and review. A Programmatic Memorandum of Understanding (PMOU) was prepared for projects funded through the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED), and a number of HUD entitlement communities. If your project falls under one of these PMOUs, be sure to reference the agreement before submitting anything to our office. For additional information on history, architectural history, archaeology, preservation, and Section 106, in general, please review our Technical Assistance web pages.

Request SHPO Comment on a HUD Project

To request SHPO comment on a HUD project, please download the following form and checklist. Reference the “User’s Manual” below, as needed. If you must submit an Iowa Site Inventory Form for HUD or DNR projects, a simplified set of instructions for completing the form is available, as well.

MS Word Document Request for SHPO Comment on a HUD Project Form

MS Word Document SHPO Submittal Checklist

MS Word Document Instructions for Completing the Iowa Site Inventory Form for HUD/DNR Projects

User’s Manual for HUD/DNR

The User’s Manual for the PMOU executed between IDED and SHPO explains how to use the agreement to decide what needs to be sent to SHPO and how to prepare a submittal for SHPO. For assistance on how to prepare any HUD submittal for review, please reference Section 2 (“Projects Requiring SHPO Review”) and Section 3 (“Preparing a Submittal for Review”) in the User’s Manual, as appropriate.

PDF Document Section 1: General Information

PDF Document Section 2: Architectural & Historical Resources

PDF Document Section 3: Archaeology

HUD Undertakings Funded through IDED
The following information is specific to HUD projects funded through the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) and does not apply to any entitlement communities or special appropriations.

PDF Document PMOU Between IDED and SHPO

MS Word Document Exempt from SHPO Review, Project Determination Form (IDED)

MS Word Document DNR-CDBG Lead Agency Agreement (IDED)

MS Word Document Authorization for Alternate Signatories Form (IDED-CDBG only)

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