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Historic School-related Links

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Historic Schools Initiative
The National Trust for Historic Preservation endorses using historic schools for modern educational facilities rather than abandoning them for new “big box” buildings. Their web site includes a number of popular publications, including Why Johnny Can’t Walk to School, which discusses the damages of sprawl and protecting historic neighborhood schools.

Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance: Country Schools
The Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance is a statewide nonprofit preservation organization. Their Country Schools web page includes a tour of one-room schoolhouses that have been converted to museums across the state.

Teaching with Historic Places: Historic Schools Day
Through the Teaching with Historic Places program, the National Park Service, in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, provides lesson plans that integrate National Register-listed historic places and local history. The Historic Schools Day lesson plans involve researching the history of local schools and education. Of particular interest might be The Freeman School, which uses a one-room schoolhouse in Nebraska to teach about the sense of community found in these icons of the settlement era.

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities presents a number of articles on the pros and cons of reusing historic schools. While the articles are written for education agencies, they present an interesting view of the benefits of preservation. Of special interest is Constance Beaumont’s article PDF Document "Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Educations", which debunks the myth that historic schools cannot meet modern educational standards.

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