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State Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program Instructions and Applications

Registration and Application Periods

  • The July application window has been eliminated under the new law. The new Part 1 and Part 2 Applications and Instructions are now available. The Part 3 and Registration Applications along with a sample Agreement are forthcoming.

  • UPDATE: The first Registration period for projects over $750,000 will be open from January 26 to February 6, 2015. Part 2 Applications must be approved by the State Historic Preservation Office prioir to the Registration period.

  • Effective July 1, 2014 potential program applicants must schedule and attend a 1.5 Pre-Application Meeting prior to submitting a Part 2 Application. Please use the online scheduler to arrange for your Pre-Application Meeting after you have submitted a Part 1 Application.

Effective July 1, 2014, new legislation will improve the State Historic Preservation and Cultural & Entertainment District Tax Credit Program.

The Governor’s office worked with the State Historic Preservation Office, Iowa Department of Revenue, the Iowa Legislature and Governor-appointed stakeholders to develop program improvements, including:

  • Eliminate lottery-based reservation system; implement more predictable readiness-based application process
  • Elevate emphasis on project pre-planning, financing and timeline
  • Transition from three-year reservation system to a “use-when-you’re-ready” system with more predictability in establishing project completion dates and submissions
  • Retool the review process to be more predictable for the applicant and the state
  • Use similar approach to other state tax incentive programs to promote consistency for tax preparers and ease of administration

Since the program began in 2001, the state has invested $177 million in historic preservation tax credits, which have been the catalyst behind the rehabilitation of 283 historic buildings and the revitalization of 64 communities across Iowa. That investment has leveraged and attracted $890 million in investments, including $800 million for rehabilitation activities and an additional $90 million in related new construction. The new legislation will bring more predictability to this already-successful program.

Iowa Code and Administrative Rules

Note: Administrative Rules effective July 9, 2013: Historic Preservation and CED Tax Credits are applicable only to projects that received a HPCED Tax Credit Reservation prior to July 1, 2014.

Forms and Instructions


Additional Application Materials and Guidance

QRE Schedule and Guidance (Project Commencement Reports, Project Completion Reports, and Project Extension Requests)

Additional Guidance


For project with qualified rehabilitation costs of:

Part 2 Processing Fee

Part 3 Processing Fee

$50,000 or less

No cost

No cost

$50,001 to $100,000



$100,001 to $750,000



$750,001 to $6,000,000


0.5 percent of qualified rehabilitation costs
(i.e., 0.005 x costs)

Over $6,000,000




Preservation Program Manager
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
State Historic Preservation Office - 3rd Floor East
600 E. Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0290
(515) 281-8742


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