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Archaeological & Historical Consultants

Individuals seeking work as a consultant in the State of Iowa do not need to be included on any list to conduct general archaeological or historical contract work in the state. However, a consultant must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualification standards as a Historic Archaeologist or a Prehistoric Archaeologist to conduct Phase II Archaeological Investigations and Phase III Data Recovery projects. In addition, prospective clients may have agreements that require hiring contractors meeting the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualification standards.

The State Historic Preservation Office does not maintain a list of professional consultants for archaeology, architectural history, and history. However, two statewide organizations will be maintaining lists.

The Association of Iowa Archaeologists maintains a membership directory and a list of archaeological consultants.
Preservation Iowa maintains a list of architectural history and history consultants.

If a consultant would like to be included on the Association of Iowa Archaeologist’s list or Preservation Iowa’s list, please contact them directly. Please note the SHPO has no control over the requirements these organizations may or may not impose for listing. It is always a good idea to check the qualifications and references of any consultant being considered for a project.

Additional consultant directories:
American Cultural Resources Association
American Institute of Architects Iowa Chapter

Contracting the Services of a Consultant

When in need of the services of an archaeologist, historian, architectural historian, or historic architect, feel free to contact any qualified consultants of whom you may be aware. If you have questions regarding the qualifications of an individual under consideration, please contact the appropriate staff member at the State Historical Society listed below. We recommend that samples of work be reviewed, references be checked, and multiple bids be obtained before finalizing a contract with any cultural resource consultant. While we cannot recommend specific consultants, we are able to comment on previous work reviewed pursuant to State and Federal standards and guidelines. Our role in contract procurement is advisory and final selection of a consultant and the method of selection are at the discretion of the client.

If you wish to obtain professional services by competitive bidding, the SHPO can provide technical assistance in the preparation of requests for proposals and with evaluation of the proposals submitted. We also can provide technical assistance in reviewing historical and/or historic architectural documentation at any level of planning, identification, evaluation, or treatment to ensure that the objectives of the documentation and that minimum Federal standards and guidelines have been met.

For more information about selecting an archaeologist contact:
Daniel Higginbottom, Archaeologist
(515) 281-8744

Douglas Jones, Archaeologist
(515) 281-4358

For more information about selecting an architectural historian or historian contact:
Ralph Christian, Historian
(515) 281-8697

Paula Mohr, Architectural Historian
(515) 281-6826

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