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Statewide Historic Preservation Plan

Broadening Preservation’s Reach

Iowa’s ten-year Statewide Historic Preservation Plan is intended to embrace local, regional, and state perspectives. In addition to a thorough history of preservation in Iowa, a review of the accomplishments under the previous plan “Resources Within Reach” and a discussion of the state of preservation as we know it today, four goals for Iowa are presented in the Statewide Preservation Plan, each of which is accompanied by strategies or action steps. These goals are:

  1. Affirm preservation as a fundamental value of environmental stewardship. Promote prosperity and preservation as closely associated attributes of vibrant communities and the natural environment.
  2. Expand and deepen the connection to and appreciation of historic resources.
  3. Educate and recruit leadership at all levels to expand Iowa’s preservation work.
  4. Quantify and communicate the economic value of historic preservation in Iowa.

These goals are not specifically to be accomplished solely by the State Historic Preservation Office, the State Historical Society or the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. This plan was developed by a team of over twenty individuals representing the interests of agencies and organizations with a stake in historic preservation work and who can contribute to accomplishing these goals. To download the entire Statewide Historic Preservation Plan, please use the link below.

PDF Document Broadening Preservation’s Reach: Iowa’s Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2013-2022

PDF Document Appendix B: Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs 2012-2015 Strategic Plan

PDF Document Appendix H: Digital Resources for Exploring Iowa History

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