Historic Sites

Historic Sites Overview

Blood Run National Historic Landmark Toolesboro Mounds
American Gothic House Gardner Cabin
Edel Blacksmith Shop Montauk
Plum Grove Historic Site Western Historic Trails

Our historic sites are located all across the state and present authentic stories of Iowa’s history and pre-history.

  • From the Hopewell burial mounds at the Toolesboro site along the Great River Road to the Blood Run National Historic Landmark on the Big Sioux River you can learn about early inhabitants of Iowa.
  • Plum Grove, the retirement home of Territorial Governor, Robert Lucas and Montauk, home of Iowa’s 12th Governor William Larrabee preserve the family and professional lives of these significant Iowa politicians.
  • The Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop preserves a unique collection that interprets a common trade that was important to 19th and early 20th century agriculture.
  • The American Gothic House and the Abbie Gardner Sharp cabin are icons in Iowa history.
  • The Western Historic Trails Center tells the stories of the Lewis and Clark, Oregon, California and Mormon Trails.

Many of our sites are operated in partnership with local historical societies and county conservation boards.  These partners host the many visitors to the sites each season.

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