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Cadle, Richard
Caldwell, Beryl D.
Caldwell, Henry Clay
Calhoun, Ross
Call, Ambrose A.
Call, Asa Cyrus
Callahan, Genevieve
Callanan, James, Jr.
Callen, Martin & Jane
Camera Craftsmen of America
Camp, Joseph
Campbell School (Polk County, Iowa)
Campbell, Carlyle B.
Campbell, Edith King
Campbell, Lewis
Campbell, William H.
Canfield, Andrew N. & Elizabeth
Capital City Commercial College (Des Moines)
Carlson, Elmer
Carlson, Herman
Carpenter, Cyrus C. (Gov.)
Carpenter, William L.
Carr, Inez Overholt
Carrell, Frank M.
Carroll, Beryl F. (Gov.)
Carroll, Beryl F. (Mrs.)
Carss, James
Carter, Edward A.
Carter, George H.
Casady, Phineas M.
Casady, Simon
Cassily, M. P. & Benjamin Richards
Casson, Henry
Catholic Daughters of American, Iowa Court #302 (Des Moines)
Catlow, Agnes & Marie
Cedar County Old Settlers Association
Central Iowa Fuel Company (Chariton, Iowa)
Chamberlain, Izanna
Chambers, John (Gov.)
Chambers, Steven A.
Chandler, Harvey Gott
Chantland, Thomas
Charles City Vocational School
Chase, Abner S.
Chase, D. D.
Cheney, Joseph Warren
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad
Chicago, Great Western Railroad
Child, George
Childs, Charles
Choate, Joseph
Christy, William D.
Church Women United of the Des Moines Area
Churchill, Thomas
Clamby, Leonie
Clark, Alexander M.
Clark, Arthur B.
Clark, Charles A.
Clark, Dorothy
Clarke, Felix G.
Clarke, G. A.
Clarke, George W.
Clarke, James
Clarke, William Penn
Clarkson, James S.
Clay County Normal Institute
Cliff, J. W.
Climax School Records (Allamakee County)
Clio Club
Clock, Edward E.
Clock, Edward, Jr.
Clock, Hezekiah
Clodd, Edward
Cloud, David C.
Clute, Oscar
Coates, Alexis U.
Coates, Earl H.
Coats, Leota
Coca Cola Bottling Company (Des Moines, Iowa)
Cogswell, Celia
Cokenower, J. W.
Colburn, Harrison
Colby Motor Company (Mason City, Iowa)
Cole, Chester C.
Cole, Eli, Jr.
Collins, Mahlon Day
Collins, Susan
Collins, W. L.
Colton, Kenneth
Columbian Rebekah Lodge No. 131 (Des Moines)
Committee to Revise Revenue Laws
Communia Workingman's League
Conger, Edwin H.
Conger, P. H.
Conkey, John P.
Conklin, Erastus
Conlee, Reuben
Conley-O'Brian Store
Connor, James E.
Consumers Consolidated Coal Company
Conway, William B.
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Claude
Cook, Henry Earl
Cooke, Thomas F.
Cooley, Gilbert
Coomes, Oliver
Coon, Elisha
Cooper, Samuel F.
Cooper, Signe Scott
Coppersmith, Lewis
Core Family
Core, Caleb
Corlies, Samuel Fisher
Cornell College
Corse, John M.
Cosson, George
Coulter, John N.
Cousins, Robert G.
Coventry, Edward L.
Covert, Emzie
Cowden, James
Cowgill, Frank
Cowles, Salmon
Cox, Thomas
Craig, Lois
Crail, Joseph & Charles
Crain, Edmond F.
Cratty, Robert Irvin
Cravin, James
Crawford Family (Theophilus, David et al)
Crees, Clarence
Crippin, Julia C.
Croasdale, Inez
Crocker, Marcellus M.
Croghan, George
Crooke, George
Crow, Bradford Stevenson
Cumming, Charles Atherton
Cummings, Henry J. B.
Cummins, Albert Baird
Cundill, William
Cunningham, Josephus
Cunningham, Owen
Cupp, Oscar Eugene
Current, William
Curtis, Samuel R.



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