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Packard, Stephen B.
Paint Creek Township School District No. 1 (Iowa)
Palmer, David P.
Palmer, Frank W.
Pammel, L. H.
Panama-Pacific Exposition
Park, William
Parker, Cephas J.
Parker, Daniel
Parker, George F.
Parker, Samuel
Parkison, Thomas Jefferson
Parry, C. C.
Parsons, George W.
Parsons, James M.
Parsons, Theophilus
Partridge, Lucy & Charles P.
Parvin, T. S.
Paschal, James W.
Passmore, Michael
Patrick, James (Patrick & Luthe Co.)
Patrick, James P.
Patterson, F. J.
Patterson, William
Payne, Ira Dean
Payne, John Barton
Peace & Freedom Party
Peall, A. A.
Pearl Harbor Veterans' Organizations
Pearman, John W.
Pearson Family (Alfred John)
Pearson, John H.
Peck, Paul
Pekin Lyceum Debating Society
Pell, Maria
Pella-Leffler Short Line Railway
Perham, James M.
Perkins, C. E.
Perkins, Mary Jane
Perkins, George D.
Perkins, J. L.
Perry & Wilson Company
Perry Women’s Club
Perry, Adam
Perry, Margaret I. & S.
Perry, T. B.
Pershing, John J.
Peterson, Anna
Peterson, Josephine
Peterson, Nels
Peterson, Pauline G.
Philippi, Marion Oris
Phillips, William
Phipps, William V.
Pierce, Alex
Pioneer Educators Organization, Chapters DD (Boone, IA), Q (Des Moines, IA)
Pioneer Lawmakers Association of Iowa
Pixler, King Oliver
Plymat, William
Polk County American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Polk County Constitutional Committee
Polk County Federation of Women's Clubs
Polk County Historical Society
Polk County Medical Society
Polk County Old Settlers Pioneer Association
Polk County Women's Republican Association
Polk, Harry
Polk, J. S.
Pope, Alexander
Pope, Samuel
Portia Club
Potter, Carl B.
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, J. R.
Powers, Ambrose R.
Powers, Charles P.
Poweshiek Township Woman's Club (Jasper County)
Prairie Club of Greater Des Moines
Pratt, Hiram A.
Pratt, Leroy and Louise
Presbyterian Church (Fairfield, Iowa)
Presbyterian Church (Marshalltown, Iowa)
Presbyterian Church (Moravia, Iowa)
Presbytery of Des Moines
Preston, Leander A.
Price, Donald
Price, Hiram
Probst, George
Proctor, Mamie
Putnam Insurance Company


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