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Taber, Ellen Strang
Talboy, Helen M.
Talkington, N. Dale
Talle, Henry O.
Tama County Old Settlers Association
Tavey, John A.
Taylor, A. A. E.
Taylor, Asa R.
Taylor, Bayard
Taylor, Dorothy & Loren
Taylor, Garner Willis ("Sec")
Taylor, Hawkins
Taylor, Jane Wilson
Taylor, William Early
Tedford, James H.
Tedrow, Jane
Telecommunications History Group, Inc.
Temple, William, A.
Templeton, Wesley, G. L.
Terrace Hill Society
Terrill, Katharine
Teter, Alice
Third Ward Pupils of Number Ten, Des Moines
Thistle, James
Thomas, Charles Edward
Thomas, Luther B.
Thomason, Frazer and Loris
Thompson, B. F.
Thompson, Frederick O.
Thompson, Willard M.
Thompson, William
Thompson, William A.
Thompson, William Henry
Thorne, Clifford
Thorp, George R.
Thrall, Seneca B.
Thriftway Supermarkets
Throckmorton, Thomas Bentley
Thurston, Lloyd
Tielemans, L.
Tillinghast, B. F.
Tinley, Mathew A.
Titus, G. M.
Todd, John
Tomlinson, John J. & Margaret E.
Toothaker, Charles W.
Touchae, Jean Stryker
Tourist Club (Des Moines)
Towne, George W.
Townsend, Mary Harroun
Treadwell, C. W.
Treat Family
Treptow, Leland Earl
Towne, George W.
Traer, J.F.
Tripp, Ralph
Trumbull, Jonathan
Tschopp, Herbert
Turner Fair (Davenport, Iowa)
Turner, Daniel Webster
Tuttle, James M. & Joel
Twombly, Voltaire P.
Tyler, Loren S.
Tyler, Pauline


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