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Photograph Collections (Des Moines Center)

The audio-visual collection contains Iowa images dating from the 1840's to present day and illustrating a wide range of subject matter which includes businesses, schools, farms, churches, community main streets, landmarks and natural topography, recreational and domestic activities, political and social events. Portraits of notable Iowans are arranged alphabetically by name.

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Abben, Ben C., Jr. (Senator)
Abbott, Charles H.
Abbott, George K.
Abercrombie, John C.
Abernethy, Alonzo
Abernethy, Jacob (Lt. Col.)
Abraham, Lot
Abrahamson, M.L. (2 files)
Ackerman, Michael
Ackiss, J.C.
Adams, Austin
Adams, Austin (Mrs.)
Adams, Elijah (family of)
Adams, H.C. (Senator)
Adams, John (President)
Adams, John Quincy (President)
Adams, Samuel
Adams, William (Capt.)
Adams, William T.
Adcock, Homer
Addleman, William
Adkins, John V.
Adorno, Paolina
Agnew, David Hayes, M.C.
Aiken, John Henry
Ainslee, Peter (Rev.)
Ainsworth, Lucian L.
Albert, Elma G. (Judge)
Alden, Cynthia Westover
Alden, Ebenezer, Jr.
Alderman, U.S.
Aldrich, Charles
Aldrich, C.S.
Aldrich, Matilda W.
Alexander, Archibald
Alexander, Lucy (Mrs.)
Alexander, Thomas C.
Alger, Russell A.
Allen, B.F.
Allen, Isaac L.
Allen, James
Allen, J.H. (children of)
Allen, William
Allen, W.S.
Allis, Edward P.
Allison, William B.
Allston, Washington
Allyn, George S.
Alvord, E.S.
Ames, Amos W.
Ames, Fisher
Ampere, Andre Marie

Anderson, Albert R.
Anderson, Claus L.
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, G.M.
Anderson, H.F.
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, Joseph H.
Anderson, Marion E.
Anderson, Milton H.
Anderson, Thomas MacArthur
Anderson, Walter W.
Anderson, William F.
Angeer, J.J.M. (Prof.)
Ankeny, Harriet
Ankeny, Joseph
Ankeny, Rollin V. (Capt.)
Annis, L. (Capt.)
Anschutz, Herman M.
Anson, Oliver
Anundson, B.
Applegate, J.H.
Archer, James J. (Brig. Gen.)
Archer, Sampson M. (Col.)
Archie, W.D.
Armour, Philip D.
Armstrong, Benjamin
Armstrong, George E.
Armstrong, J.R. (Dr.)
Arney, W.H. (Sen.)
Arnold, William M.
Arthaud, F.L.
Arthur, Chester A. (Pres.)
Arthur, Thomas
Ashley, Chester
Ashman, William
Asmussen, Charles W.
Astor, John Jacob
Astor, Nancy
Atkins, Charles
Atkinson, B.W. (Brig. Gen.)
Atkinson, William I.
Audubon, John James
Austen, Jane
Austin, Stephen F.
Averill, William W. (Gen.)
Avery, A.H.
Avery, Anson (Mr. and Mrs.)

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