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Iowa Stereo Photographers:  A Biographical Directory


*           Identify stereo photographers by surname

*           Determine location in Iowa and years of activity

*           Locate partnerships and related business ventures

*           Discover patterns of mobility and economic success

*           Verify imprints and series descriptions for stereographs

*           Search for obscure practitioners of stereo photography


Iowa Stereographs

The Paul C. Juhl Collection


Thanks to the generosity of Paul C. Juhl, the State Historical Society of Iowa has been able to amass a collection of Iowa stereographs unparalleled in scope.  Over 2,000 images have been preserved and carefully cataloged for use by researchers.  Archival copy negatives exist for the stereographs so patrons may easily obtain reproductions at a reasonable cost.


A representative sample of the images in the Juhl collection can be seen in Iowa Stereographs (University of Iowa Press, 1997).  This book features over 200 stereographs and a discussion of the photographers who created these three-dimensional images.


Juhl also compiled an extensive biographical directory of more than 360 Iowa stereo photographers to accompany this valuable donation.  The entries in the directory are the result of the efforts of numerous individuals including Paul Juhl and Jo Ann Burgess.  Originally intended as an appendix to Iowa Stereographs, the directory continues to expand with further research.  This website makes this resource available to the public for the first time.



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Last revised: August 27, 2002.