BORN: Winterset, Iowa (1924)





DATE: 05/19/83




UNION: UAW Local 991

OFFICES HELD: Chief Steward, UAW Local 991, Vice-President, Executive Board, Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, State Labor Commissioner, Iowa (1963)


COMPANIES:  Solar Aircraft Company, Wood Bros., Inc., Ford Motor Company


TIME PERIOD: 1940s–1970s



Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)––Des Moines CIO hall, 29–30

Democratic Party––labor support for, 37

Des Moines, Iowa, 1–63

Farm equipment industry––description of work, 3–4, 10–11

Farm equipment industry––shopfloor militancy, 27–29

Farm equipment industry––working conditions, 7–8

Farmer-Labor cooperation, 35

Ford Tractor Company––Des Moines plant, 10–12, 19–28

Ford Tractor Company––takeover of Wood Bros. Inc, 10–12

Ford Tractor Company––1960 strike, 19–26

Greathouse, Pat––support for NFO, 35

Hawkins, Lex, 31

Health and Safety Commission, Iowa, 59–61

Hughes, Harold (Governor)––failure to support repeal of right-to-work, 50–53

Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO––Executive Board (1955–60s), 40–41

Labor commissioners, Iowa––in the 1960s, 37–63

Labor unions––UAW Local 991, 3–41

Military service––World War II, 2

OSHA––labor commissioners’ opinion on, 58–59

National Farmers’ Organization—supported by Pat Greathouse, 35

Parkins, Dale, 1–63

Parkins, Dale––State Labor Commissioner, Iowa, 37–63

Political involvement of local unions––UAW Local 991, 35–37

Politics in Iowa––1958 election campaign, 35–36

Politics in Iowa––get-out-the-vote, 36–37

Polk County Industrial Union Council, 30–32, 39–40

Safety conditions––Iowa Health and Safety Commission, 59–61

Safety conditions, see also labor commissioners, Iowa

Smith, Neal––1958 election, 35–36

Solar Aircraft Company, 2–3, 5

Strikes and lockouts––Ford Tractor Company (1960), 19–26

Taft-Hartley Act––right-to-work laws, 33, 52–53

Time-studies––farm equipment industry, 19–23

UAW––contracts and negotiations, 18–21, 27–29

UAW––grievances and arbitrations, 27

UAW––membership and meetings, 6–7, 33–35

UAW––officers and elections, 12–17

UAW––support for agency shop, 51–52

Wildcat strikes––in the 1950s, 27–29

Winterset, Iowa––b. 1924, 1

Wood Bros. Inc, 3–19

Wood Bros. Inc––buyout (ca 1955), 9

Wood Bros. Inc, see also Ford Tractor Company