Des Moines Center Audio Visual Collection: Portraits






Cadle, Cornelius C. (Col.)

Caldwell, Beryl D.

Caldwell, Henry C.

Caldwell, Joseph W. (Lt. Col.)

Caldwell, W.A.

Calhoun, J.C.

Calhoun, J.C. (Rep.)

Calkins, A.R. (Capt.)

Calkins, Frank W.

Calkins, George C.

Calkins, M.H. (Dr.)

Call, Ambrose A.

Callanan, James

Callanan, Martha

Calvin, Samuel

Cameron, Charles A. (Capt.)

Cameron, J.E.

Cameron, Sue

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Edward, Jr.

Campbell, E.H.

Campbell, Frank T.

Campbell, H.D.

Campbell, Hugh J.

Campbell, H.W.

Campbell, Lewis D.

Campbell, Margaret W.

Campbell, Ramona

Campbell, William

Cannon, Charles C.

Cardell, W.F.

Carney, J.L.

Carpenter, C.A.

Carpenter, Cyrus Clay

Carpenter, Seymour

Carpenter, William Lytle

Carper, A.S.

Carr, H.C.

Carroll, Beryl F. (Governor)

Carroll, Beryl F. (Mrs.)

Carskaddon, David (Col.)

Carson, George

Carson, George F.

Carson, James W.

Carson, Kit

Carter, Casper (Lt.)

Carter, Charles Otis

Carter, L.V.

Carter, William

Cartwright, Barton (Rev.)

Carver, George Washington

Carver, John H.

Carver, T.N. (Prof.)

Casady, Carolyn Young

Casady, Phineas M. (and Mrs.)

Casady, Simon

Case, Louis

Cass, Lewis

Cassady, J.B.

Cassell, Andrew F.

Casson, George

Casteel, George W.

Caswell, Grant L.

Cathcart, John M. (Sen.)

Cathcart, William M.

Cattell, J.W.

Chaffee, Joseph B.

Chalmers, Thomas

Chambers, Alexander

Chambers, Edward A.

Chambers, J.C. (Sen.)

Chambers, John

Chandler, J.L. (Lt. Col.)

Chandler, Samuel E.

Chandler, Zachariah

Chantry, A.J.

Chapin, B.A.

Chapin, Cyrus

Chapin, E.H.

Chapin, John E.

Chapman, Chandler Burwell

Chapman, U.S. Grant

Chapman, W.W.

Chapple, Joe Mitchell

Charles, John H.

Chase, Amos S. (and Mrs.)

Chase, Daniel C. (Sen.)

Chase, D.D.

Chase, George L.

Chase, Rufus L.

Chase, Salmon P.

Chassell, E.D. (and Mrs.)

Chateaubriand, Francois Rene

Cheshire, Thomas A.

Children, W.C.

Chipman, N.P. (Gen.)

Chipman, Walter W. (CF127, oversize)

Chittenden, H.M. (Col.)

Choate, Rufus

Christian, Henry A.

Christianson, Gordon F.

Christianson, John

Christie, John, Jr.

Christofel, Frederick

Christy, William (Capt.)

Chudley, William

Church, John W. (Maj. Gen.)

Church, Lloyd

Clapp, Edwin R.

Clapp, Elmer Frederic

Clark, C.F.

Clark, Charles Avery

Clark, Charles Henry

Clark, Charles J. (Lt. Col.)

Clark, C.W.

Clark, D.B. (Capt.)

Clark, Elbert

Clark, Ezekial

Clark, G.W. (Col.)

Clark, Henry H.

Clark, Howard J.

Clark, J.J.

Clark, J. Sheldon (Dr.)

Clark, Leander

Clark, Lincoln

Clark, Margaret V.

Clark, Rush

Clark, Wareham G.

Clark, William A.

Clark, William Hyde

Clarke, Charles F.

Clarke, George W. (Governor)

Clarke, James

Clarke, James Frederic (Lt. Col.)

Clarke, J.C.

Clarke, R.L.B.

Clarke, William Penn

Clarkson, Anna Howell (Mrs. James S.)

Clarkson, C.F.

Clarkson, James S.

Clarkson, Richard P.

Classen, J.B.

Claussen, George C. (Judge)

Claussen, Hans R. (Sen.)

Clay, Henry

Clayton, B.F.

Clayton, Samuel

Clayton, William

Clem, Henry C.

Clemens, Samuel L.

Clendening, James H.

Cleveland, Grover (President and Cabinet)

Cleveland, W.F.

Clifford, Charlie (and Mrs.)

Clifford, Nathan

Clinton, DeWitt

Clinton, George


Clone, William H. (Col.)

Cloud, David C.

Cloud, Henry Roe

Clough, Samuel

Clune, William H.

Clute, Oscar (Rev.)

Clyde, J.F.

Coakley, Joshua W. (Dr.)

Coalson, William

Cobden, Richard

Coburn, George F. (Sen.)

Cochran, Milton B.

Cochrane, Joseph H.

Cochrane, W.R.

Cody, William F. (a.k.a. "Buffalo Bill")

Coffee, John (and Mrs.)

Coffin, Alice Virginia

Coffin, Lorenzo S.

Coffin, Victor H.

Cokenower, James (Dr.)

Colbert, W.J.

Cole, Aaron

Cole, Adelbert J.

Cole, Chester

Cole, Cyrenus

Cole, Samuel H.

Cole, Thomas W.

Cole, William R.

Coleman, Brent

Coleman, John

Coleman, Kenneth W.

Coles, Abraham

Colfax, Schuyler

Collin, Edwin

Collins, Lafe c.

Collins, Milton F.

Collins, Susan

Colman, Henry F.

Compton, Charles E. (Lt. Col.)

Conaway, A.B.

Conaway, Freeman R.

Conaway, John

Conger, Edwin H.

Conger, Sarah J. Pike

Conn, James Emmett

Connell, John

Connelly, D.B.

Conner, J.P. (Judge)

Conner, William D.

Connolly, Maurice

Converse, S.A.

Conway, M.P.

Cook, Claude R.

Cook, Elizabeth

Cook, George Cram

Cook, G.W.

Cook, Ira

Cook, R.E.

Cook, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.)

Coolbaugh, william

Coolidge, Calvin (President)

Coon, Datus E.

Cooney, J.K.

Coons, John W.

Cooper, B.F.

Coppock, Benjamin

Corcoran, Michael (Gen.)

Corday, Charlotte

Corey, A.R.

Corkhill, George B.

Cormany, Phillip

Cornell, Corwin S.

Cornell, Elsa Bristow

Cornell, N.R. (Dr.)

Cornell, Worth Corwin

Cornwall, W.W..

Corse, John M.

Cosson, George

Cotton, Aylett

Coues, Elliott

Coulter, J.N. (Lt.)

Coulter, John P. (Lt. Col.)

Countryman, Dayton

Cousins, Robert G.

Coventry, Edward L.

Cowles, Gardner, Sr. and Florence (wife)

Cowles, Henry R.

Cowles, LaMonte

Cowley, D.A.

Cownie, John

Cox, Alvin

Cox, B.F.

Cox, Herbert

Cox, John W.

Cox, Kenyon

Cox, Thomas

Coyne, P.M.

Cozad, Jacob

Cozad, Landon K.

Cozad, Lucille

Cozad, Robert

Cozine, Thomas

Cozzens, Frederick S.

Crabb, Benjamin

Craig, George M.

Craig, John P.

Craig, Robert and James

Craig, S.H.

Craig, Walter F.

Cram, DeWitt C.

Cramer, Joseph (Maj.)

Crapo, Philip M.

Crary, O.W.

Cratty, R.I.

Craven, James E.

Crawford, Andrew J.

Crawford, Logan

Crawford, Phineas White (Col.)

Crawford, Robert A.

Cremer, Harrison W.

Crile, George

Crist, L.E.

Criswell, W.S.

Crittenden, Thomas L. (Gen.)

Critz, Frank

Crocker, Marcellus M. (Gen.)

Crockett, Bob (Col.)

Cronbaugh, Christopher C.

Cronk, Hiram

Crooks, John S.

Crosley, George W.

Cross, Robert W. (Capt.)

Cruikshank, G.L.

Culbertson, J.

Cullom, S.M.

Culver, Chet

Culver, John C.

Cumming, Charles Atherton

Cummings, Henry J.B. (Col.)

Cummins, Albert Baird (Gov.)

Cummins, Albert Baird (Mrs.)

Cummins, Francis M.

Cunningham, Edward H.

Cunningham, Owen

Cunningham, William T.

Cunningham, Wilson

Cupp, O.E.

Curkendall, George

Curran, J.P.

Currier, Amos N.

Curtis, Samuel R.

Cushing C.

Cushman, Charlotte

Custer, Aaron

Custer, George A.

Cutts, Marsena E.

Cuyler, Theo L.





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