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Conditions for Image Reproductions

  1. Written permission must be obtained from the Special Collections unit of the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) to reproduce or publish images from SHSI's collections. SHSI reserves the right to charge a fee for reproduction privileges, and for rental, purchase, and postage and handling of photographic materials.
  2. The right to reproduce materials held in the SHSI is granted on a one-time basis only, and only for the purpose as listed on this permission form. Any further reproduction of this material is prohibited without the express written permission of the SHSI.
  3. The SHSI does not claim to control the rights of reproduction for all materials in its collections. The publishing party assumes all responsibility for clearing reproduction rights and for infringement of copyright, and agrees to hold harmless the SHSI, its officers, and employees from any action involving infringement of the rights of any person or heirs or descendants in common law or under statutory copyright.
  4. In giving permission to publish a manuscript, photograph, or other item from the collections, the SHSI does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish the manuscript, photograph, or item, or to grant permission to others to publish it.
  5. Credit must be given to SHSI, and the creator of the item (e.g. the author or photographer) if known. For further information, see the handout "Citing materials from archival collections."
  6. Images may not be digitally enhanced or digitally changed in any way. Any use of an image other than as a straightforward reproduction of the print received must be cleared, in writing, with SHSI staff.
  7. Images authorized for reproduction under this license agreement may be scanned for production only. After completion of production, only scans necessary for reprinting the project may be retained.
  8. If permission is granted for the publishing party to photograph, film, or videotape any materials in SHSI collections, it is for one-time use only, and project materials will hot be re-used after the completion of the project.
  9. Additional conditions apply to electronic reproduction of SHSI materials (including, but not limited to World Wide Web and CD-ROM). Image resolutions for electronic applications should be no greater than 150 dpi. Rights for electronic reproduction of SHSI materials are assigned for a maximum time period of 5 years from the date of this agreement.
  10. SHSI is to receive one complimentary copy of the publication (or notification of web site address) containing the materials listed on the permission form. In the case of motion picture films, filmstrips, or slide shows, the publisher will undertake to send still photograph(s) as used in the final product. In the case of videotapes or CD-ROM, the publisher will send a copy of the videotape or CD. If the work consists of more than one cartridge or disc, the cartridge or disc on which the title and picture credits appear will satisfy this requirement.
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