2001.71.66 3rd Iowa Infantry

3rd Iowa Infantry Flag

Object No: 2001.71.66
Title: National, 3rd Iowa Infantry
Date: 1863-1864, Civil War
Status: Veteran Volunteer unit
Material: cloth (silk, cotton); pigment
Size: 72"H x 76.75"W; 1.75"L fringe
Active Service Dates: June 8, 1861 to July 12, 1865
Allegiance: Union
Branch: Infantry
Military Engagements: Battle of Shiloh, Battle of the Hatchie, Siege of Vicksburg, Siege of Jackson, Red River Campaign, Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Battle of Atlanta
Killed in Action or Died of Wounds: 8 officers, 119 enlisted men
Died of Disease: 122 enlisted men
Commanders: Colonel Nelson G. Williams, Lieutenant Colonel John Scott
Length of Conservation: 4.5 months, 640 hours


2001.71.66 A Brief History of the 3rd Iowa Infantry Flag

The flag displayed here honors the 3rd Iowa Infantry.  Hand-sewn from silk, the flag accompanied the regiment through many years of fighting.  The name of the “3rd Regiment Iowa Infantry Veteran Volunteers” is proudly displayed in the center of the flag.  The term “Veteran” refers to the fact that 75% of the regiment re-enlisted after their first period of enlistment expired.

The battles that the regiment fought are painted on the flag – the name of each conflict was most probably added to the flag shortly after the battle by the soldiers themselves.

This flag hung in the halls of the Iowa state capitol building in Des Moines from 1904 to 2004.  With this tribute, the people of Iowa honored their citizen soldiers, but the century of exposure to light, heat, and smoke took a harsh toll on the flag.  In 2007, the flag was carefully restored and mounted in a special frame.  Thus protected, the flag displays for all history the honor of the 3rd Iowa Infantry – their courage, their sacrifice, and their victory.


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