Specialty Mounts


Fonda Thompson, of Textile Preservation Associates, specifically designed the museum quality storage cabinets for flags. The cabinets are of a heavy-duty steel construction with powder-coated finish and silicone gaskets. The bi-fold doors are flush locking. Each cabinet houses 24 flags on full depth, pull-out shelves enabling the flags to be stored flat.

Each tray is prepared with a layer of UV filtering mylar followed by a archival tissue layer. The flag is placed upon the tissue layer. The process is repeated for the top of the flag. The tissue is acid-free and is used for interleaving between the layers of mylar. Mylar is an UV filtering material with an electrostatic quality. This enables the fibers of the flag to hold position during handling. The tissue prevents this electrostatic quality from pulling the fibers apart.



Good-quality storage equipment is a worthwhile investment. The staff
storage cart is a specially designed, well-built storage unit that helps
protect and preserve the staff by providing full support along their
entire length. The storage cart also provides protection from light,
temperature fluctuation, pollutants, dust and frequent handling. Each
staff is individually tagged with an archival object tag listing the
object number, description, provenance, year and location of use. The back of the tag identifies the permanent storage location.


Specialized storage materials are used to support and pad objects,
protecting them from handling, bumps, internal structural failure and much more.

Finials that are separated from the staff, mourning ribbons, battle honor ribbons as well as cords and tassels (pictured here) have their own place on the storage drawer and individual storage container.

Adequate padding and supports protect the finials and ribbons from collisions and vibrations caused by walking or by retrieving objects.

Individual storage containers provide an extra layer of micro-climate insulation and make moving objects easier. Only inert materials are used.