The 1906 Mason: Its a Deusey!


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In 1905 Fred and August Duesenberg designed and built a prototype automobile called the Marvel. Its design impressed Edward R. Mason who formed the Mason Motor Car Company in 1906 to produce vehicles under the brothers guidance. They located their plant at 114 South East 5th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.

Mason’s ownership continued until 1909 when Fred L. Maytag purchased the company. Maytag’s Waterloo plant produced 2 -cylinder cars under the Mason name and 4-cylinder as Maytag. Edward Mason regained control of the company in 1912, but by 1915 production stopped.

Fred and Augie Duesenberg left the Mason-Maytag Motor Car Company in 1912 and began developing race cars and a variety of engines. From 1920 to 1937 Duesenberg produced cars under their own name and as Cord and Auburn automobiles. Their cars became symbols of the wealthy and were respected for there technology, speed and design


Specifications for the 1906 Mason Runabout  

With Delivery Box Modification

Cost: $1,250



Engine Type
Horizontal - Opposed
Engine weight
350 lbs.
Stroke & Bore
5 inch
24 hp
Power transfer
Chain Drive
1,850 lbs.
Wheel base
96 inches
Tire size
32 x 3 1/2 inches
Expanding type on rear hub


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