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99 Counties of Iowa

This interactive exhibit engages audiences of all ages with a touch screen to peruse historical and cultural information in all 99 Iowa counties. Information about Iowa’s historic sites and National Register of Historic Places is included, as well as information about where State Historical Museum artifacts originated. Located on the 2nd floor, just outside the exhibit galleries.

Iowa History IQ

This interactive exhibit offers 25 questions about objects, documents and photographs in the State Historical Museum collection. It is targeted to people of all ages and will be available to teachers as a classroom resource via the Internet in the future. The exhibit will be updated and sustained indefinitely. Located on the 2nd floor, just outside the exhibit galleries.

Mammoth: Witness to Change

This centerpiece of our atrium exhibits highlights Iowa's early prehistory and a fascinating discovery in downtown Des Moines. Visit the exhibit's online counterpart here.

Crystal Treasures from Iowa’s Quarries and Mines

This small exhibit highlights some of the beautiful crystal formations found in Iowa coal mine dumps and quarry waste piles.

Geode: State Rock of Iowa

This display shows a variety of minerals found in the State Rock of Iowa.



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