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Responsible Collecting

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A responsible collector, professional or amateur, treats fossils with care in order to preserve their delicate structures. Information about each specimen should be recorded and kept with the fossil to assist future study.  


These are common items the amateur paleontologists may want to use in their hobby.

  • Rock Pick or Mason's Hammer
  • Stone Chisel
  • Collecting Bag
  • Pencil and Notebook
  • Specimen Bags and Labels


Iowa's geologic puzzle is yet unsolved, many questions remain for the inquisitive. Minerals and fossils continue to entice students of all ages, amateurs and professionals alike continue to make discoveries Today the Geological Survey Bureau, a Division of the Department of Natural Resources, continues to investigate the state's geology. Activities conducted by the Geological Survey Bureau include: investigations into groundwater pollution, new fossils, Coldwater Cave, abandoned coal mines, and evidence of a meteor impact.

Exploration into Iowa's ancient life continues as amateurs and professionals cooperate. Responsible collectors work with specialists from the Geological Survey Bureau, Iowa universities and colleges, museums, and geological organizations. This cooperation and exchange of information contribute to our knowledge of Iowa's ancient past.



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