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The Iowa Freedom Trail Project

Researching the Underground Railroad in Iowa

The State Historical Society of Iowa has been conducting historical research and fieldwork since 2002 via the Iowa Freedom Trail Project. This project seeks to document Underground Railroad activities throughout Iowa by identifying individuals and groups who were involved with these activities and the places where these events occurred in Iowa.

In addition the project conducts outreach activities. A series of interpretive signs was produced by the project and placed near the stops made by John Brown and his party on his last trip across Iowa in 1859. Project staff also participate in related conferences and give public presentations on the topic.

The project continues to uncover new information, sometimes obtained from local sources and descendants of individuals involved in Underground Railroad activities.

Contact for the Iowa Freedom Trail project is:
Doug Jones, SHPO Archaeologist
515-281-4358 (phone)
515-281-0502 (fax)

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