Fall/Winter 2000 (Vol. 81, No. 3 & 4)

Collector's Edition & Companion Publication to New Museum Exhibit!

Table of Contents


"A Few of Our Favorite Things: 100 Creations of the 20th Century"
How do you choose only 100 things to represent an entire century? Curator Jack Lufkin explains how he did it and introduces the Society's newest blockbuster exhibit.
--by Jack Lufkin

A century-in objects and images.
Bubble gum and basketball. Tractors and televisions. Computers and crossword puzzles. One hundred things for one hundred years! Colorful photos and compelling stories.
--by Jack Lufkin

"'Life Without': Automobiles & Rural Electrification in 20th-Century Iowa"
Everyday life changed in some surprising ways when electricity and automobiles came to Iowa. A thought-provoking essay on how the things that surround us affect our routines, expectations, and dreams.
--by Tom Morain


Front Porch: How do you even begin to think about an entire century as a three-dimensional display. Exhibit designer Jennie Morgan tells us how.

One in a Million: Actually three items are showcased in this issue! Aluminum cookware, brassieres, and the Slinky are just three of the 20th-century things that are not in the new museum exhibit. What else did we leave out? You tell us!