Fall 2001 (Vol. 82, No. 3)

Table of Contents


Iowa's Rural Schools in the 20th Century
by the editor

Attending a One-Room School in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s
"You learn about people" by Harvey R. Horton
"Everyone had a part" by Lowell E. Horton
"Creativity was not encouraged" by Loren N. Horton

World War II and Iowa's Rural Schools
by Loren N. Horton

A Breathless Day in the Life of a Rural Schoolteacher: The Challenges of Teaching Children of Different Ages and Levels
by Melvin Owen, as recorded by Jeffrey A. Kaufmann

"This was a community affair": Rural Teachers Recall Teaching in 1930s Iowa
by Jeffrey A. Kaufmann

The Iowa Standard School Law: A Turning Point for Country Schools
by William L. Sherman

May Francis Championed the "Smallest School Unit"
by William L. Sherman

Finding Your School's Past: A Research Primer
by Lori Vermaas

Re-Using Rural Schools
by Ginalie Swaim

Financial Incentives for Country Schools
by Cynthia Nieb


Front Porch: Readers share their memories and experiences from country-school days.

Reading the Past: In this new department, an important book on rural school consolidation is introduced to our readers.
by Marvin Bergman

Traditions:Master & Apprentice: Passing on Cultural Knowledge and Traditions
by Karen Heege

One in a Million: Midwestern teachers around the turn of the century gave special souvenir cards to their students to mark the end of the school year.