Summer 2001 (Vol. 82, No. 2)

Table of Contents


"The Rocket That Ignited Union Park"
Preservation on the playground.
--by Lori Vermaas

"Tragedy, Tourism, and the Log Cabin: How Abbie Gardner Sharp and Charlotte Kirchner Butler Preserved and Promoted the Past"
A tale of two log cabins and two Iowa women.
--by Greg Olson

"Stepping Back into 1856: The Gardner Cabin Today"
--by the editor

"Abbie Gardner Cabin Revisited"
Reconsidering Inkpaduta.
--by Sarah A. O'Keefe

"Preserving Memories and Conserving Paintings: The Gardner Canvases"
--by Greg Olson

"The 1960 Hog Lift to Japan: How Iowa and Yamanashi Became Sister States"
First hogs and corn, then a bell and a bellhouse, then generations of friends.
--by Ginalie Swaim


Front Porch: Butter memories.

Traditions: "With Skill and Stories, Fred Stice Carved Iowa's Past"
--by Steven Ohrn

One in a Million: Colorful butter boxes symbolize the heyday of Iowa creameries.
--by Lori Vermaas