Cover ImageSpring 2002 (Vol. 83, No. 1)

Table of Contents


Sowing Seeds of Kindness—and Change: A History of the Iowa Association of Colored Women's Clubs
by Anne Beiser Allen

Facing Hostility, Finding Housing: African American Students at the University of Iowa, 1920s-1950s
by Richard M. Breaux

Women's Work
Historical photos show that social change was high on the agendas of many women's organizations.
by Ginalie Swaim

Iowa Clubwomen Rise to World Stage: Dorothy Houghton and Ruth Sayre
by Peter Hoehnle

Cranking up and Flapping off
as told by Ruth Buxton Sayre


Front Porch: Editor pays tribute to two special women: Evelyn Bein and Louise Noun.

Reading the Past: Henry A. Wallace was no typical politician, as revealed in American Dreamer: The Life and Times of Henry A. Wallace by John C. Culver and John Hyde.
by Marvin Bergman

One in a Million: Behind the colorful convention badges of fraternal organizations lay a tradition of 19th-century male bonding.