Cover ImageFall 2003 (Vol. 84, No. 3)

Table of Contents


“Get Ready for ’96”: The Decatur County Press, Partisanship, and the Presidential Campaign of 1896
“The ‘anarchists’ have captured Decatur County,” one editor gloated.
by Robert B. Mitchell

From Genealogy to History
How searching for an ancestor led to exploring a high-stakes election.
by Robert B. Mitchell

William Jennings Bryan and His “Cross of Gold” Speech
An electric moment in U.S. history, and the individual who made it happen.
by Robert W. Cherny

The Fighting 51st Iowa in the Philippines
“Our life here in the trenches is not as bad as it might seem.”
by Michael W. Vogt

In Commemoration of Ellis: The Iowa Beginnings of a Great American Humorist
He wrote the story “Pigs Is Pigs”—and a few thousand more.
by Katherine Harper

The Sorry Tale of Hennery K. Lunk
A tall tale about a Mississippi River town south of “Deebuque.”
by Ellis Parker Butler


Front Porch: William Jennings Bryan’s voice still resonates today.

Traditions: Moving On in 1917
If it’s March 1, it must be Moving Day on the farm.
by Hazel Phillips Stimson; introduction by Ginalie Swaim

One in a Million: A little brass eagle pin worn on the lapel symbolized support for presidential incumbent William McKinley in 1900.