Cover ImageSpring 2003 (Vol. 84, No. 1)

Table of Contents


Iowa Eldorado: Searching for Gold in 1858
by Eric Lana

Iowa's Barns: Form & Function
Photographer and historian team up for a closer look at our beloved barns.
Photos by Michael P. Harker and text by Loren N. Horton

Home to Iowa: Letters form the Western Trails
"I thought you had forgot me," Sarah wrote to her parents in Council Bluffs, "but I think different now for you sent me a good letter."
Text and transcriptions by Kathryn Webb Wikert

The Daunting Role of Family Archivist
Traveling in the footsteps of ancestors.
by Kathryn Webb Wikert


Front Porch: Keeping in touch in the 19th century, saving Iowa's barns of the past, and enjoying new books today.

Reading the Past: What was the appeal behind revival preacher Billy Sunday?
by Marvin Bergman

One in a Million: Browsing through catalogs of Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield shows reveals in barn construction and function.