Cover ImageSummer 2003 (Vol. 84, No. 2)
Special Issue: Iowans Feeding the World

Table of Contents


Four Iowans Who Fed the World
by Matthew Schaefer

George Washington Carver: Holistic Scientist for the American South
by Harold S. McNabb, Jr.

Herbert Hoover: Humanitarian in Europe
by George H. Nash

Saying 'Thank You': The Story of the Flour Sacks
by the staff of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum

Henry A. Wallace: Agriculturalist for the Common Man
by John Hyde

by John Hyde

Norman Borlaug: Geneticist of the Green Revolution
by R. Douglas Hurt

The World Food Prize
by Ginalie Swaim

Laboring for Food
by Ginalie Swaim

Chasing Chickens
by Mary Wear Briggs

Farm Women & Egg Money
by Marvin Bergman


Front Porch: Joining a buying club meant savings on natural foods and connections to community.

Reading the Past: Farm laborers are the subjects of two new books, Indispensable Outcasts and Citizen Hobo.
by Marvin Bergman

One in a Million: Blooming Prairie Warehouse, Inc., was one of the oldest and largest organic and natural foods cooperatives in the United States.