Cover ImageWinter 2003 (Vol. 84, No. 4)

Table of Contents


The Voices of Iowans Fighting World War II
by Ginalie Swaim

Four Iowans & the Nazi Olympics
by Jack Lufkin

Meskwaki Code Talkers
by Mary Bennett

A Child's Memory of World War II
by Irene Kooi Chadwick

The Girls They Left Behind
by Mary Wear Briggs

From Vassar College to Small-Town Iowa: Winning World War II
by Mary Draper Janney and Barbara Gair Scheiber

"Couldn't Say I Was Scared": The War Correspondence of Luther College's Student Soldiers
by Jon Richard Peterson

The World War II Clippings Project: Saving the Past, One Story at a Time
By Ginalie Swaim and Karen Heinselman

Have You Used Our Military Records?
by Sharon Avery

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Front Porch: Reading and transcribing World War II letters.

One in a Million: On an August night in 1943, jazz legend Louis Armstrong played at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines. Somebody turned on a recorder and captured his distinctive music.
by Jack Lufkin.